Wearing robes

Wearing robes of Vibhishan and wearing them of apes

Religious story

Wearing robes of Vibhishan and wearing them of apes

Then Vibhishanji went to the palace and filled the plane with groups of jewels (gems) and with clothes. Then brought the Pushpak Vimana and placed it in front of the Lord. Then Shri Ramji, a kind man, laughed and said-
Hey Sakha Vibhishan! Listen, get on the plane, go to the sky and rain clothes and jewelry. Then (hearing the command), Vibhishanji went to the sky and showered all the jewels and clothes.
Whose mind likes what it takes. Taking the bees in the mouth, the apes then spit them out as not eating. Seeing this spectacle, the humorous and graceful shrines, including Shri Ramji, Sitaji and Laxmanji started laughing.
Those whom the sages do not even find in meditation, who are called Ved Neti-neti, they are doing many kinds of humor with the sea of grace Shri Ramji apes.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! Even after performing many types of yoga, chanting, charity, penance, sacrifice, fasts and rules, Shri Ramchandraji does not do the same kind of grace as if there is exclusive love.
The bears and apes found clothes and ornaments and wearing them they came to Shri Raghunathji. Seeing the apes of many castes, Kosalpati Shri Ramji is laughing again and again.
Shri Raghunathji had compassion for everyone seeing him with kindness. Then he said soft words – O brothers! With your power, I killed Ravana and then ruled Vibhishan.

Vibhishan’s prayer, description of the love mood of Bharatji by Shri Ramji, request to reach Ayodhya soon

Now all of you go to your respective homes. Keep remembering me and do not fear anyone. On hearing these words, all the monkeys feared in love and folded their hands and said respectfully.
God Everything you say makes you feel happy. But we are delighted to hear your words. Hey Raghunathji! You are the God of the three worlds. You have done Sanath (gratitude) only by knowing humble apes.
We are dying of shame due to hearing the (such) words of the Lord. Can mosquitoes also interest Garuda? Seeing the attitude of Shri Ramji, the bear-monkey became engrossed in love. They do not want to go home.

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