Sri Ramji Bharat

Welcome to Sri Ramji, Bharat Milap, everyone’s union

Religious story

Welcome to Sri Ramji, Bharat Milap, everyone’s union

Kripa Sagar Lord Shri Ramchandraji saw all the people coming, so the Lord inspired the plane to land near the city. Then he landed on earth.
After getting off the plane, Prabhu told Pushpak Vimana that you now go to Kubera. He left under the inspiration of Shri Ramchandraji, he is happy (to go to his master) and also very sad to be separated from Lord Shri Ramchandraji.
Everyone came with Bharatji. With the disconnection of Shri Raghuveer, everyone’s body is getting thin. Prabhu saw Vamshadeva, Vashishta, etc. Munishresthas, then he placed the bow and arrow on the earth.
Along with younger brother Laxmanji, running and took hold of Guruji’s footsteps, his hair-follicles are becoming extremely pulsating. Muniraj Vasisthaji (raising) hugged him and asked Kushal. (Lord said-) We are skilled in your mercy.
Shri Ramji, the lord of Raghukul, who bears the axis of religion, met all Brahmins and gave him a head. Then Bharatji caught the feet of Lord Prabhu whom the gods, sages, Shankaraji and Brahmaji (also) saluted.

Coronation of Vibhishan

Bharatji is lying on the earth, not getting up. Then Kripasindhu Shri Ramji forcibly picked them up and took them to heart. (His) dark body stood weeping. Like Naveen Kamal, water flooded in the eyes (of Premashru).
Like lotus, water is flowing from the eyes. Pulkavali is (extremely) beautiful in beautiful body. Lord Sri Ramji, the lord of Triloki, met his younger brother Bharatji with a lot of love. While meeting my brother, I am like Prabhu, his likeness is not said to me. As if love and adornment were met by holding the body and attained the best glory.
Kripanidhan asks Ramji to Bharatji, but the words do not come out of the mouth of Anandji with pleasure. (Shiva said-) O Parvati! Listen, that happiness (which Bharatji was getting at that time) is beyond speech and mind, he knows only what he finds. (Bharatji said-) O Kosalnath! Knowing you Arta (sad), he appeared to Das, now it is efficient. The drowning in the sea of sea, saved me by grasping my hands!
Then the Lord rejoiced and met Shatrughnaji by heart and met him. Then both Laxmanji and Bharatji brothers met the ultimate love.
Then Laxmanji hugged Shatrughnaji and thus destroyed the sorrowful grief that arose. Then, along with brother Shatrughanji, Bharatji bowed at the feet of Sitaji and attained ultimate happiness.
Ayodhya people were all happy to see God. All sorrows created by disconnection were destroyed. Seeing everyone’s love heart (and extremely eager to meet), Khar’s enemy, Shri Ramji, did a miracle.
At the same time Kripalu Shri Ramji appeared in innumerable forms and was found most (simultaneously) deserving. Shri Raghuveer, seeing the grace, made all the men and women devoid of mourning.
God got everyone in just moments. Hey uma Nobody knows this secret. In this way, Shri Ramji, the abode of modesty and virtues, made everyone happy and went ahead.
Mothers like Kausalya ran as if newly cows had run looking at their calves.
It is as if newly cows have left their young calves at home and have gone to graze in the forest and at the end of the day (to meet the calves), ran towards the city by milking the udder. The Lord met all mothers with utmost love and said many soft words to them. The terrible calamity caused by disconnection was overcome and everyone (meeting God and hearing His words) attained numberless happiness and joy.
Sumitraji met her son Lakshmanji knowing the love at the feet of Shri Ramji. While meeting Shri Ramji, Kaikeyi ji felt very well in his heart.
Lakshmanji too was delighted to meet all the mothers and get blessings. He met Kaikeyiji again and again, but the anger (anger) of his mind does not go away.
Janaki ji met all the mothers-in-law and was very happy to be at his feet. Mothers-in-law are blessing by asking Kushal that your honey be immovable.
All the mothers are looking at the lotus-like face of Shri Raghunathji. (Tears of love flow from the eyes, but) Knowing the time of Mars, she keeps the water of tears in her eyes. Aarti is removed from the platter of gold and looks repeatedly at the Lord’s organs.
She gives relief in many ways and is filled with ecstasy and joy in the heart. Kausalyaji is repeatedly watching the sea of grace and Randhir Shri Raghuveer.
She repeatedly thinks in her heart how she killed Lankapati Ravana? My two children are very tender and the demons were very heavy warriors and great men.
Mother is watching Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji including Lakshmanji and Sitaji. His mind is engrossed in ecstasy and the body is pulsing repeatedly.
Lankapati Vibhishan, Vanararaj Sugriva, Nal, Neel, Jambavan and Angad and Hanumanji, etc. All the good-natured heroic monkeys wore the beautiful bodies of humans.
All of them are reverentially praising the love, grace, nature (of sacrifice) of fast and rules of Bharatji, and seeing the manner (full of love, modesty and humility) of the people of the city, they all appreciate his love at the feet of the Lord are doing.
Then Shri Raghunathji called all the Sakhas and taught everyone to follow the feet of the sage. This Guru Vashistha is revered by our family. Due to this, demons are killed in the battle.
(Then said to Guruji-) O Muni! Listen. These are my friends. These battles became like a fleet (ship) for me at sea. For my interest, he gave up till his birth (gave home even to his life), he is more dear to me than Bharat.
Hearing the word of God, everyone was engrossed in love and joy. In this way, new joys are arising in them every second.
Then they introduced masts at the feet of Kausalyaji. Kausalaji cheered and gave blessings (and said-) You are as dear to me as Raghunath.
Anandkandi Shri Ramji walked to his palace, the sky was covered with flowers. Clusters of men and women are climbing the attic and visiting them.
The gold urns were decorated and decorated in a bizarre manner (by Mani-Ratnadi) and everyone kept them at their doors. Everybody put up bandhanas, flags and flags for Mars.
All the streets were irrigated with fragrant liquids. Many chowkas were built by gajmuktas. Many types of beautiful Mangal instruments were decorated and many stings began to ring happily in the city.
– The women are staring everywhere and cheering in the heart and blessing. Many young women (Saubhagyavati) women are performing Mangalgana by decorating many types of Aarti in gold plates.
But they too are deceived (stunned) seeing this character. (Shiva says-) O Uma! Then how can humans say their qualities?
The women are kumudani, Ayodhya is the lake and Shri Raghunathji is the Sun (they were withered by the heat of the Sun). Now when the sun in the form of that sun sets, she blossomed after the full moon of Shri Ram.
Many types of auspicious things are happening, the drums are ringing in the sky. Sanath (gratitude by darshan) to the men and women of the city and go to Lord Shri Ramchandraji Mahal.
(Shiva says-) O Bhavani! Prabhu realized that Mata Kaikeyi had become ashamed (hence), he first went to his palace and thoughtfully comforted her. Then Shri Hari drove his palace.
When Shri Ramji went to his palace, the sea of grace, the men and women of the city were all happy. Guru Vashistha called the Brahmins and said that today is an auspicious moment, beautiful day etc. All auspicious yoga.
All of you Brahmins cheer and give orders in which Shri Ramchandraji sits on the throne. On hearing the pleasant words of Vashistha Muni, all the Brahmins felt very good.
All of them started saying soft words to many Brahmins that the coronation of Shri Ramji is going to bring joy to the whole world. Hey munishrestha! Now do not delay and hurry up the tilak of Maharaj.
Then the sage said to Sumantraji, as soon as he heard, he went away with joy. He immediately went and decorated many chariots, horses and elephants.
And sending messengers (informants) wherever and asking for manglicious items, then came with joy and gave heads at the feet of Vashistha.


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