When is Buddha Jayanti, know who was Mahatma Buddha

When is Buddha Jayanti, know who was Mahatma Buddha


When is Buddha Jayanti –On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, it is Buddha Purnima. Baisakh Purnima, Vaisakh Purnima is also known as Buddha Purnima. It is the day of the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. It is the birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha and also his Nirvana day. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment on this day. Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Vishnu for the Hindu religionists. Therefore, this day is also considered sacred for Hindus.

Lord Gautama Buddha was born when Mahamaya Devi, the Empress of Kapilavastu, was going to her Naihar Devadah, on the way to Lumbini Forest. Lumbini is a place called Rukminidei, 8 miles west of Nautanwa station between Kapilavastu and Devdah in the Terai region of Nepal, where the Buddha was born. He was named Siddhartha.

His father’s name was Shuddhodan. After the birth of the Buddha, a prophet had told King Shuddhodana that this child would become the Chakravarti emperor, but if disinterestedness arises, then no one can stop it from becoming a Buddha and its fame will remain in the world. The mother died seven days after birth.

Siddharth’s maternal aunt Gautami brought him up. Siddhartha not only read the Vedas and Upanishads with Guru Vishwamitra, but also studied royalty and warfare. In wrestling, horse racing, arrow-command, chariots, no one can match him.

Siddhartha had compassion since his childhood. No animal’s grief was seen from him. This is also clear from these examples. When the horses used to run in the horse racing and foam started coming out of their mouths, Siddharth would stop them knowing that they were exhausted and the winning bet would be lost. Even in the game, Siddharth liked to lose himself because defeating someone and grieving someone was not seen by him.

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Once upon a time, Siddharth found a goose injured by an arrow in the forest. He picked him up, took out arrows, bothered and fed him water. At the same time Siddharth’s cousin Devadatta came there and started saying that this victim is mine, give it to me.

Siddharth refused to give a laugh and said that you were killing this goose. I have saved it. Now tell you that it should be the right of the person to kill it, that of the person who saves? Devadatta complained to Siddhartha’s father King Shuddhodan. Shuddhodan said to Siddhartha, why don’t you give this swan to Devadatta? After all, he shot the arrow?

Siddharth said on this – Father! Tell me, what right did he have to shoot arrows at this innocent goose flying in the sky? What wrong did the swan do to Devdutt? Then why did he shoot arrows at it? Why did he injure it? I could not see the sorrow of this creature. So I served it by taking out arrows. Save his life. It is my right to have it.

King Shuddhodan got the word of Siddhartha. They said okay, you have to say. The one who saves from the killer is greater. You have the right over this.

Born in the Shakya dynasty, Siddhartha was married at the age of 16 to Yashodhara, the daughter of Dandapani Shakya. King Shuddhodan made a lot of indulgence for Siddhartha. Built three beautiful palaces worth three seasons. Dance and singing and entertainment material were collected there. Slaves and maids were put in his service. But all these things could not keep Siddhartha tied in the world. He could not remain stuck in subjects. Such was Gautama Buddha. (When is Buddha Jayanti)

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