When Shiva had a cataclysmic war with Hanumanji, know what happened

When Shiva had a cataclysmic war with Hanumanji

When Shiva had a cataclysmic war with Hanumanji – When Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after the war of Rama and Ravana in Tretayuga, he organized the Ashwamedha Yagya. After performing the yajna, the horse was left to roam freely. Behind which was the army of the yagyakarta king. When this horse used to go on Digvijay Yatra, the local people used to wait for its return. There was a war with the king who stole this horse or stopped it. If this horse was lost, then this action was started again from the other horse.

Just as once Luv and Kush had challenged Shri Ram by stopping Ashwamedha’s horse and then sent Hanumaji to war. During the battle with Luv and Kush, Hanumanji understood who they were, so he had himself taken prisoner at the hands of Luv and Kush. Then later Lakshman etc went to war and were defeated, then in the end Shri Ram came. Similarly, when the horse of Yagya reached Devpur, Rukmangad, the son of King Veeramani, a devotee of Shiva, stopped Shri Ram’s horse and took him captive.

Now there was bound to be a war between the armies of Devpur and Ayodhya. Veeramani heard that the corps of Shri Ram’s brother-in-law Shatrughan was increasing for war, then he ordered his strong mighty commander Ripuvar to prepare an armed army. Then King Veeramani himself, a devotee of Shiva, reached the battlefield with his Veeramani’s brother Veerasimha, nephew Banamitra and Prince Rukmangad. (When Shiva had a cataclysmic war with Hanumanji)

A fierce battle ensued in which Hanumanji defeated everyone. In the end, Hanumanji made Veeramani unconscious. Shiva had given a boon to Veeramani, that whenever there is a crisis, I will help you. The Lord reached the battlefield with his Ganas.
From the Ganas everything was severed. Virabhadra beheaded Shatrughan’s son Pushkal and Shiva injured Shatrughan. Hanumanji kept both of them in the chariot and secured them. Then Hanuman ji roared, raising the morale of the army and went ahead and stood in front of Shiva. Then a fierce and cataclysmic battle ensued between the two.

Since Hanumanji was a Rudravatar and he was given a boon by all the gods and goddesses that you cannot be tied or defeated by any weapon. Due to this there was a catastrophic war between Lord Shankar and Hanumanji. All kinds of divine weapons were used from both the sides. Hanumanji had the break of every divine weapon of Shiva.

The war was getting worse and worse. Seeing this, Lord Rama appeared there and Shri Ramji explained to Hanumanji that with whom you are fighting. Shiva is Ram and Ram is Shiva. Hearing this, Hanumanji began to see the form of Rama in Shiva itself. Seeing this, he stopped his war and stood before Lord Shiva and Rama with folded hands.

Lord Shiva was very pleased to see Hanumanji’s might and asked Hanumanji to ask for any boon he wanted. Thus ended this war. Shri Ram and Lord Shankar were the only Leela in this war. Lord Shankar was testing Hanumanji in this war.

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