Who was Jarasandh, know interesting information

Who was Jarasandh, know interesting information.

It is said that Jarasandha had taken 86 kings captive by his might. He had imprisoned the captive kings in the hill fort. It is also said that Jarasandha wanted to take 100 kings captive and sacrifice them on a particular day so that he could become the Chakravarti emperor. There are many reasons due to which there is a lot of discussion in the Puranas of Jarasandha.

Magath Emperor Jarasandha: Jarasandha was the emperor of the most powerful kingdom of the Mahabharata period. He was the son of a king named Brihadratha. He had the largest army. He was extremely cruel and tyrannical. According to the Harivamsa Purana, he defeated the kings of Kashi, Kosala, Chedi, Malwa, Videha, Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Pandya, Saubir, Madra, Kashmir and Gandhara and subdued them all.

Friend of Jarasandha King: The Yadav dynasty of Chedi, King Shishupal, was also made his close friend by Jarasandha. Due to Jarasandha, he had also made friendship with King Bhagadanta of Assam towards the northeast. King Shalya of the country of Madra was also his close friend. King Kalayavan of Yavandesh was also his special friend. Kamarupa’s king Dantavak, Kalingapati Paundra, Bhishmaka’s son Rukmi, Kadha Anshuman and the kings of Anga, Banga Kosala, Dasharana, Bhadra, Trigarta etc. were also his friends. Apart from these, Shalvaraj, King Bhagadatta of Pawan Desh, King Subal of Sauvirraj Gandhar, King Gobhard of Mir of Nagjit, King of Darad Desh, etc., all being his friends, he had great influence over the whole of India.
Kansa’s father-in-law was Jarasandha: Kansa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. Kansa’s father-in-law was Jarasandha. After the killing of Kansa, if anyone harassed Lord Krishna the most, it was Jarasandha. Kansa married his two daughters ‘Asti’ and ‘Prapti’.

Kalayavan: The friend of Jarasandha was Kalayavan. Jarasandha, along with Kalayavan, attacked Mathura, then it was decided by the tactic of Shri Krishna that the army would not fight amongst themselves. Both of us will fight and decide. Kalayavan agreed to this condition, because he knew that I am immortal because of Shiva’s boon. When he rushed to kill Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna left the field and started running. Kalayavan also ran after them and finally Shri Krishna went to a cave.
Jarasandha also entered the cave, but when he saw a person sleeping there, he understood that it was Shri Krishna, who was sleeping under the pretext. Then he tried to lift the sleeping person by kicking him. That person was Muchukunda who had the boon of sleeping till the end of Kali Yuga and whoever picks him up in the meantime will be killed in the fire of his anger. When Muchukunda opened his eyes, Kalayavan was standing in front of him. When Muchukunda looked at him, he was consumed.
Birth of Jarasandha: Emperor Brihadratha of Magadha had two wives. When there was no child from both of them, one day he went to Mahatma Chandkaushik and told him his problem. Mahatma Chandkaushik gave him a fruit and said that he should feed this fruit to his wife, it will give birth to a child. (Who was Jarasandh)

The king cut the fruit and fed it to his two wives. While taking the fruit, the king did not ask whether I can feed it to both my wives? Both the wives became pregnant after eating the fruit. But when the baby came out of the womb, it was half-half, that is, half from the womb of the first queen and half from the womb of the second queen. Both the queens panicked and threw both the surviving pieces of that baby out.
At the same time a demonic passed from there. When he saw the two pieces of the living child, he joined the two pieces together with his illusion and the child became one. As soon as they were united, the baby started crying out loud. Hearing his cry, both the queens came out and were surprised to see the boy and the demonic. One took him in his arms. Then King Brihadratha also came there and asked his introduction to the demonic standing there. The demonic told the whole story to the king. The name of that demonic was Zara. The king was very happy and he named that child Jarasandha, because he was attached (joined) by a demonic named Jara. (Who was Jarasandh)
Jarasandha Slaughter: The specialty of Jarasandha was that he did not die in battle. He was often fond of fighting mall wars or duels and had several akhadas in his kingdom. He was also a staunch enemy of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna planned to kill Jarasandha. According to the plan, Lord Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna approached Jarasandha in the guise of a Brahmin and challenged him to wrestle. But Jarasandha understood that these are not Brahmins. Then Shri Krishna gave his real introduction. After thinking something, Jarasandha finally decided to fight with Bhima. (Who was Jarasandh)
The battle of King Jarasandha and Bhima in the arena continued for 13 days from Kartik Krishna Pratipada. In these days, Bhima uprooted Jarasandha from the thigh and broke it into two pieces many times, but those pieces would be joined again every time and Jarasandha started fighting again. Bhima was almost tired. On the 14th day, Shri Krishna broke a straw from the middle and threw both its parts in the opposite direction. Bhima understood this gesture of Shri Krishna and he did it there. He tore Jarasandha and threw one of it in the direction of the second tear and the other tear in the direction of the first tear. In this way, Jarasandha came to an end, because the two pieces could not join due to being thrown in the opposite direction.
After the killing of Jarasandha, Shri Krishna freed all the kings from his captivity and said that King Yudhishthira wants to perform Rajasuya Yagya to get the position of Chakravarti and you guys help him. The kings obeyed Shri Krishna and everyone accepted Yudhishthira as their king. In the end, Sahadeva, the son of Jarasandha, was made the king of Magadha by giving him protection.

Jarasandha’s Arena: The arena of Kansa’s father-in-law, Jarasandha, is located in the Rajgriha of Bihar. Jarasandha was very strong. It is believed that Bhima killed him at this place at the behest of Lord Krishna. The palace is called ‘Rajgir’. According to Ramayana, Vasu, the fourth son of Brahma, founded this city by the name ‘Girivraj’. Later, before the battle of Kurukshetra, Brihadratha took possession of it. Brihadratha was famous for his bravery. (Who was Jarasandh)

Jarasandh’s Cave: The treasure of Jarasandh is still buried in the Son Bhandar cave. There are 2 chambers in this cave. Both these chambers are closed by a stone rock. Room No. 1 It is believed that this

There was a room for the guards, while the second room is believed to have contained the treasures of Emperor Bimbisara. It is said that the treasure of Bimbisara is still locked in this room. (Who was Jarasandh)

Legend has it that the extraordinary structure of the caves protects the treasure of millions of tonnes of gold. The way to the treasure hidden in these caves is through a large ancient stone. Some believe that the way to reach the treasure is through the Vaibhagiri mountain ocean to the Saptaparni caves, which reaches the other side of the Son Bhandar cave.

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