Who was Shabari, read special story

Who was Shabari –You must have heard, known, and read about Shabri during Ramayana, let us know in detail about them today…

Shabari was an ardent devotee of Shri Rama. Who fed his false plum to Rama. Shabri’s real name was Shramana. She belonged to the Shabar caste of the Bhil community. For this reason, he was later named Shabari.

His father was the head of the Bhils. Shramana was married to a Bhil Kumar, several hundred animals were brought for sacrifice before marriage. Seeing whom Shramana was very hurt… what kind of tradition is this? Don’t know how many innocent and innocent animals will be killed … Because of this Shabari ran away 1 day before marriage and reached Dandakaranya forest.
In Dandakaranya, Mathang sage used to do penance, Shramana wanted to serve him, but he was afraid of not getting the opportunity due to being a Bhil caste. Even then, before Shabar got up early in the morning, the sages used to clear the way from their ashram to the river, picking thorns and laying clean sand on the way. They used to do it in such a way that no one knew about it.

One day Rishi Shrestha saw Shabari and was very happy with his service and gave shelter to Shabri in his ashram. When the end of Matang came, he told Shabari to wait for Lord Rama in his ashram, he would definitely come to meet him.
After the death of Matang Rishi, Shabari’s time began to wait for Lord Rama, she kept her ashram clean. Rose used to bring sweet plum to Ram. In order that there are no insects in the plum and it is not sour, she used to taste and pluck each plum. Many years passed while doing so.

One day Shabari comes to know that two beautiful young men are looking for her, she realizes that their lord Ram has come… .. By that time she was old, but she got agitated on hearing the news of Ram’s arrival And she ran to her Rama and brought him home and washed his feet.

Rama gave his broken sweet plum to Rama, with great love, he ate plum and asked Laxman to eat it too. Laxman was hesitant to eat the plum, he picked the plum to keep Rama’s mind, but did not eat it. As a result of this, when the power arrow was used in the Ram-Ravana war, they fainted, then the Sanjeevani boot made of these plum came into their work. This is the holy story of Mother Shabari…

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