Whose daughter and whose wife was Devi Ganga?

Devi Ganga-

Devi Ganga-What is Ganga? River or Goddess? It is really important to know about Ganga. If the river is there then how is the goddess and then how is the river? In fact, every river in India is considered to be a goddess, because it generates other waters throughout India. He is the one who handles human life. If there is a river there is life. Certainly, in such a situation, a river will be named after a goddess. We find many stories in the Puranas about the Ganges. Let’s know some of them.

The story of the origin of Devi Ganga

It is said that Ganga Devi’s father’s name is Himalaya, who is also Parvati’s father. Just as Mother Sati, the daughter of King Daksha, was born in the Himalayas in the name of Parvati, similarly, Mother Ganga was born in her second birth to sage Jahnu.

It is also said that Ganga was born from the ka manual of Brahma. It means the birth of a river called Ganga. According to another legend, Brahma washed the feet of Vishnu with respect and collected that water in his ka manual. Ganga appeared with the thumb of Lord Vishnu, hence where does Vishnupadi go. According to another legend, Ganga is the daughter of King Himwan of the mountains and his wife Meena, thus she is also the sister of Goddess Parvati. In some places, he is described as the clan of Brahma.

Devi Ganga story number-1

 Devi Ganga
Devi Ganga

It is known by all that the river Ganga came from heaven to earth only due to the efforts of Ikshvaku Vanshi King Bhagiratha, ancestor of Lord Rama. But he had to do penance to bring Ganga from heaven to earth. Pleased with his penance, Brahma said – ‘Rajan! Do you want Ganga to land on earth? But have you asked Prithvi that she will be able to handle the weight and velocity of the Ganges?

I think that only Lord Shankar has the power to handle the velocity of the Ganges. Therefore, it would be appropriate that the grace of Lord Shiva be obtained to handle the weight and velocity of the Ganges. ‘

Durga Saptashati – Chapter Seventh

Maharaj Bhagiratha did the same. Pleased with his harsh penance, Brahmaji left the Ganges stream from his ka manual. Then Lord Shankar tied the jata by joining the stream of Ganges in his jata. Later, after worshiping Bhagiratha, he freed Ganga from her jatas.

It is said that Mahadev accepted her as his wife only by the touch of Brahmacharini Ganga. The wife serves the man, so he lives in the husband’s heart or feet, but Bhagwati Ganga sits on Shiva’s head. Ganga appeared with the thumb of Lord Vishnu, hence where does Vishnupadi go. Shiva accepted Goddess Ganga as the consort of Lord Vishnu.

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It was saying that the goddess Ganga also wore the womb of Kartikeya, son of Shankar and Parvati. Ganga’s father is also a snowman, so she is considering the sister of Parvati. According to Skanda Purana, Goddess Ganga is the stepmother of Kartikeya (Murugan); Karthikeya is actually a son of Shankar and Parvati. Parvati created the image of Ganesha through her physical union, but Ganesha came alive after drowning in the holy waters of the Ganges. That is why it is said that Ganesha has two mothers – Parvati and Ganga and that is why they are also called Dwimatru and Gangeya (son of Ganga).

According to the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Vishnu has three wives who were not born among themselves, so he only keeps Lakshmi with him and sends Ganga to Shivaji and Saraswati to Brahmaji.

Ganga story number-2

 Devi Ganga
Devi Ganga

King Shantanu was mahabhisha in his former life. He was present in the service of Brahmaji. At that time Ganga was also present there. King Mahabhisha was fascinate by the Ganges and started looking at him. Ganga too was fascinate by them and started seeing them. Brahma saw all this and then cursed him to suffer sorrow in the human vagina.

King Mahabhisha was born as Kuru King Shantanu and before that Ganga as the daughter of sage Jahnu. One day, Shantanu’s father Maharaja Pratip was doing penance on the banks of the Ganges, wishing for a son. Enchanted by his tenacity, form, and beauty, Ganga sat on his right thigh and started saying, ‘Rajan! I want to marry you I am Ganga, the daughter of the sage Jahnu.

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On this, King Pratip said, ‘Gange! You are sitting on my right thigh, while the wife should be gaming, the right thigh is the symbol of the son, so I can accept you as my daughter-in-law. ‘ Hearing this, Ganga left from there.

When Maharaja Pratip receives the son, he named him Shantanu and Ganga was marrie to this Shantanu. He got 8 sons from the Ganges, out of which 7 were drowned in the river Ganges and the 8th son was brought up. His 8th son’s name was Devavrata. This Devavrata was later calle Bhishma.

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