Why do we offer milk on Shivling, this story is amazing

Why do we offer milk on Shivling – Why do we offer milk, ghee, honey, curd, water etc. to the formless form of Lord Shiva on the Shivling? There are two reasons for this, the first reason is scientific and the second reason is mythological. Let us know in brief both the reasons.

Mythological reasons: Why do we offer milk on Shivling


According to the legend, when the ocean was churned, the poison first came out of it. Due to this poison, the danger of poison started looming over the whole world. Seeing this calamity, all the gods and demons prayed to Lord Shiva to save it. Because only Lord Shiva had the ability to bear the heat and effect of this poison. Lord Shiva then without any delay took the entire poison in his throat for the welfare of the world. The pungency and heat of the poison was so much that Bhole Baba’s throat turned blue and his body started burning with heat.

When the deadly effect of the poison started falling on the goddess Ganga, who was seated in the hair of Shiva and Shiva, the coolness of the water started decreasing to pacify them. in order to reduce the effect of the poison. Lord Shiva took milk on the advice of everyone and he was also anointed with milk.

Since then the tradition of offering milk on Shivling is going on. It is said that milk is dear to Bhole Baba and bathing him with milk in the month of Sawan fulfills all his wishes.

Scientific reason:

1. It is said that Shivling is a special type of stone. To protect this stone from corrosion, smooth and cold substances like milk, ghee, honey are offered on it.

2. If you do not offer some fatty or oily material on the Shivling, then with time they may become brittle and break, but if they are always kept wet then they remain like this for thousands of years. Because the stone of Shivling absorbs the above substances, which in a way is its food.

3. Milk, ghee, honey, curd etc. are offered on Shivling in proper quantity and at particular time and Shivling is not rubbed with hands. Shivling can also get eroded if there is excessive amount of abhishekam or if it is rubbed with hands. That is why there is a tradition of doing Abhishek especially on Monday and Shravan month.

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