Why is the month of Sawan dear to Shiva

Why is the month of Sawan dear to Shiva – The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. All the wishes of the devotee who worship him duly in this month are fulfilled.

Come let us know why the month of Sawan is dear to Shiva.

1. After the self-immolation in the Yagya of King Daksha, Mother Sati was born in the form of Mother Parvati. Mata Parvati had done severe penance to get Shiva, due to which Shiva married her in the month of Sawan. That’s why they love this month. In this regard, Sanat Kumars, son of Brahma had asked Shivaji that why do you love the month of Sawan, then Shivaji had told the above thing.

2. The gods and the demons together churned the ocean. The poison came out first from the churning. Shiva had held the poison around his neck. Because of this he came to be known as Neelkanth. Due to the poison, the temperature of his body started increasing, so the gods pacified that heat by pouring cold water on him. Since then, Shiva starts liking water very much.

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3. In many places, Shivling remains submerged in water in the rain. A urn hangs over the Shivling, from which water drips drop by drop, it is called Jaldhari. Wherever there is a Shivling of nature, there is also a stream of water.
4. Moon and Ganga Maiya are seated on Shiva’s head, which are related to water only.
Snow remains frozen all around Mount Kailash and it has Man Sarovar. Water is very dear to Shiva, whereas Vishnu lives only in water.

5. It is also said that Lord Shiva had descended on earth in the month of Sawan and went to his in-laws’ house and there he was welcomed by offering Ardhya, Jalabhishek. Therefore, it is believed that Lord Shiva visits his in-laws’ house every year in the month of Sawan. That is why this month is dear to them.
This is the reason for all the above reasons that the rainy season and the month of Shravan are very dear to him, while greenery and coolness prevails everywhere.

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