Wrath of Shri Laxmanji Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand

Wrath of Shri Laxmanji –

Hearing Janaka’s words, all men and women were saddened to look at Janaki, but Laxmanji rose up, his eyebrows were crooked, his lips were cracked and his eyes were red with anger.

Can not say anything for fear of Shri Raghuveerji, but Janak’s words hit him with arrows. (When he could not live), he said the real words by giving head in the lotus feet of Shri Ramchandraji.

Wherever any one of the Raghuvanshis is, no one in the society says such words, like knowing inappropriate words Raghukul Shiromani Shri Ramji is present, Janakji has said.

O Surya, a total lotus sun! Listen, I say by nature, do not boast, if I get your orders, then I lift the universe like a ball.

And break it like a raw pitcher. I can break Sumeru mountain like radish, O Lord! What is this poor old bow from the glory of your majesty?

Knowing this, O Nath! If you want to do some sports, watch it too. Offer the bow like a lotus stick and run it for a hundred days.

Hey Nath! With the help of your majesty, break the bow like a mushroom. If I do not do this then I am sworn by the feet of the Lord, then I will never take a bow and a Tarkus in my hand.

As soon as Laxmanji uttered angry words that the earth woke up and the elephants of the directions shivered. All the people and all the kings were afraid. There was joy in Sitaji’s heart and Janaka Ji shook.

Guru Vishwamitraji, Shri Raghunathji, and all the sages were happy in the mind and started getting pulsed again and again. Shree Ramachandraji gestured to Laxman and seated himself with love.

Vishwamitra, knowing the auspicious time, uttered a very affectionate voice- O Ram! Arise, break the bow of Shiva and O Tat! Erase parental pangs

Hearing the Guru’s words, Shri Ramji gave his head in feet. There was neither joy nor sadness in his mind, and he stood up from his natural instinct, making the young lion too embarrassed by his heels (pride of standing).

On the stage-like Udayachal, the hair of Raghunathji as the sun rose, all the lotus flowers of the saint blossomed and the eyebrows became happy.

The night as the hope of the kings was destroyed. The group of stars like his words stopped shining. (They became silent). The prince of the proud king Kumud became compressed and the owl of the insidious king hid.

The monk and the deity Rupi Chakve became painless. They are showering flowers and performing their service. After worshiping the Guru’s feet with love, Shri Ramchandraji asked the monks.

Shri Ramji, the lord of the whole world, walked naturally with the grace of a beautiful elephant. Due to Shri Ramchandraji, all the men and women of the city became happy and their bodies were filled with thrill.

He remembered his virtues by worshiping the ancestors and deities. If our virtues have any effect, then O Ganesha Gosain! Break the bow of Ramchandraji Shivji like a lotus stem.

Seeing Shri Ramachandraji with love (Vatsalya) and calling the friends near him, Sitaji’s mother spoke affectionately (lamenting C).

Hey friend! Those who are called our Hitu, they too are all a spectacle. No one explains to (his) Guru Vishwamitraji that he (Ramji) is a child, such a persistence is not good for him. (The queen felt stubborn that Vishwamitraji ordered Ramji to break it, and Ramji to walk to break it, as the bow, which Ravana and Baan-like Jagadwajee heroes did not move, so she started saying that Guru Vishwamitraji Nobody even explains)

The bow which Ravana and Banasura did not touch, and all the kings lost by boasting, are giving the same bow in the hands of this tender prince. Can Hans children also raise Mandarachal mountain?

(And if someone says it or not, the king is very intelligent and knowledgeable, he should have tried to explain it to the guru, but it seems that-) The king also lost all his vigor. Hey friend! The speed of the creator does not come to know anything (thus saying that the queen is silent). Then a clever (knowing the importance of Ramji) Sakhi soft speech said – O Queen! Taiwan (even if small insight) should not be counted as small.

Where is the (small) sage Agastya arising from the pitcher and where is the sea? But they absorbed him, whose beauty is overshadowed in the whole world. Suryamandal seems small to see, but as soon as it rises the darkness of the three worlds disappears.

In whose control Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and all the gods are, that mantra is very short. Takes a small amount of control to the great man Gajraj.

Cupid has taken the bow and arrow of the flowers and subdue all the worlds. O, Goddess! Know this and discard doubt. Hey queen! Listen, Ramchandraji will definitely break the bow.

On hearing the words of Sakhi, the queen became convinced (in relation to the power of Shri Ramji). His sadness dissipated and his love for Shri Ramji increased greatly. Seeing Sri Ramachandraji at that time, Sitaji is pleading with the dreaded deity.

She is distraught and celebrating her mind – O Mahesh-Bhavani! Rejoice in me; Suffice the service I have done to you, and with affection on me defeat the heaviness of the bow.

O hero of the ganas, Ganesha, the god giving brides! I only served you today. Hearing my plea, again and again, please reduce the heaviness of the bow.

Looking at Shri Raghunathji, Sitaji is patient and celebrating the gods. His eyes are filled with tears of love and the body is thrilling.

Seeing the glory of Shri Ramji with a full eye, then remembering the father’s vow, Sita’s heart got angry. (She started saying in her mind-) Aho! Father has determined very hard, he is not understanding anything profit or loss.

The ministers are afraid, so nobody even learns them, it is becoming very unfair in the assembly of Pandits. Where is the sterner bow than the thunderbolt and where is this tender body teenage Shyamsunder!

Hey creator! How I am patient in the heart, a diamond is pierced by a particle of a cirrus flower. The wisdom of the entire assembly has become naive, so O bow of Shiva! Now I hope for you only.

By putting your inertia on people, upon seeing Shri Raghunathji (the delicate body), be (equally) lightened. In this way, there is a lot of sadness in the mind of Sitaji. One love (part) of Nimesh is also passing like a hundred pages.

Seeing Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji, then looking at the earth, the flickering eyes of Sitaji are being decorated in such a way as if two of Kamdev’s fishes are playing in the Chandrapandal form.

The confusion of the voice of Sitaji is stopped by Kamal as his mouth. She is not appearing on seeing Laz Rupi. Water of the eyes remains in the corner of the eyes. Like the gold of a very heavy miser remains buried in the corner.

Seeing her increased distraction, Sita Ji was hesitant and endured, and brought confidence in her heart that if my resolve is true with my body, mind, and words, and my mind is truly enchanted in the lotus feet of Shri Raghunathji.

So the God who resides in everyone’s heart will definitely make me the maid of Raghu Shrestha Shri Ramchandraji. Whoever has true affection gets it, there is no doubt about it

Seeing towards the Lord, Sitaji decided to love through the body (that is, to decide whether this body will remain or not belong to him) Kripanidhan Shri Ramji came to know. How did he stare at the bow looking at Sitaji, like Garuda, looking at a small snake?

Here when Lakshmanji saw that Raghukul Mani Shri Ramchandraji stared towards Shiva’s bow, he pulled from the body and pressed the universe on the feet and said the following words-॥

Because Hey Giants! are tortoise! are balance! Hey Varah! Be patient and hold the earth, so that it does not move. Shri Ramchandraji wants to break Shivaji’s bow. Hearing my orders, all be careful.

When Shri Ramchandraji came near the bow, all the men and women celebrated the gods and the virtues. Doubt and ignorance of all, pride of lowly kings

So Parshuramji’s proud mastery, the deity and fear of superior monks, the thought of Sitaji, the repentance of Janaka, and the sorrow of the queens

All these, after getting a large ship like the bow of Shiva, formed a society and went on it. They want to cross the vast sea like the arms of Shri Ramchandraji, but there is no boat.

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Quality of life “Adte” determines the quality of your life.

Vishwamitra enters Sri Yagyashala with Sri Ram-Laxman


Durga Saptashati Chapter Thirteen


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