Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad Story From Mahabharat

Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad Story From Mahabharat

Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad –Pandavas started living in the forest along with Draupadi. He went to Dwaitavan after being in Kamyakavan for a few days. Once the five brothers were traveling there, they started thirsting. Yudhishthira commanded Nakula – “O Nakula! You find water and bring it. ” (Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad)

Nakula came to a reservoir in search of water, but as soon as he was ready to take water, a heron sitting on a tree by the lake, said- “O Nakula! If you drink water from this lake without answering my questions, then you will die. “Nakula did not pay any heed to that eagle and took water from the lake and drank it. As soon as he drank water, he fell on the ground.

Seeing the delay in Nakula’s arrival, Yudhishthira sent the other three brothers-Sahadeva, Arjuna, and Bhima in sequence, and all of them were equally as Nakula. (Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad)

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Finally Yudhishthira himself reached the reservoir. He saw that all his brothers were lying in a state of death. He was still surprised to see this sight that he heard the voice of the heron sitting on the tree – “O Yudhishthira! I am a demigod. I told your brothers to take water only after answering my questions, but they did not listen and this resulted in them. Now if you try to take water without answering my questions, the same condition will be yours. ”

Yudhishthira said on hearing of the Yaksha in the form of Heron, “O Yaksha! I never want to take the object of your authority. Now ask your question. ”

The Yaksha asked- “Who rises the sun? Who walks around him? Who sets him apart and in whom is he distinguished? ”
Yudhishthira said in reply- “O God! Brahm rises the Sun. The gods walk around him. Religion sets him up and he is revered in truth. ”

The Yaksha again asked- “How is a human listener?” By whom does Mahat get the position? By whom is he the second (Brahmarupa) and by whom is he wise? ”
Yudhishthira’s reply was- “Through Shruti, a man is a listener. He attains great importance from memory. He becomes secondary through asceticism and he is intelligent by serving the Gurus. ”

Yaksha’s next question was- “What is divinity among Brahmins? What religion is there in them like men? What is the human sentiment and what is the behavior of the unsympathetic people? ”
In response to these questions, Yudhishthira said- “Swadhyaya of Vedas is the divinity in Brahmins. Their tenacity is the religion like the Satpurusha. Death is a human emotion, and blasphemy is the behavior of untouchables. ”

The Yaksha then asked- “Which one is the sacrificial object?” Which one is Yajya Yajyah? Who recites a sacrificial fire and does not transcend the sacrificial fire of which one? ”
Yudhishthira said- “Prana is an object sacrificial fire. The mind is an object Yajya Yajah. Only a single verse recites the sacrificial fire, and the only sacrament does not transgress.

Question: Who am I?
Yudhishthira Answer: You are neither this body, nor senses, nor mind, nor intelligence. You are pure consciousness, that consciousness which is omniscient.

Yaksha Question: What is the purpose of life?
Yudhishthira Answer: The purpose of life is to know the same consciousness that is free from the bondage of birth and death. To know him is salvation.

Yaksha Question: What is the reason for birth?
Yudhishthira Answer: Unquenchable lusts, desires and actions are the cause of birth.

Yaksha Question: Who is free from the bondage of birth and death?
Yudhishthira Answer: One who has known himself, that soul, is free from the bondage of birth and death.

Yaksha Question: – What is the relation between lust and birth?
Yudhishthira Answer: – Birth like desires. If lusts are animal like, then animal birth in vagina. If lusts are like humans then human birth in the vagina.

Yaksha Question: Why is there sorrow in the world?
Yudhishthira Answer: Greed, selfishness and fear are the cause of world misery.

Yaksha Question: Then why does God create grief?
Yudhishthira Answer: God created the world and man created grief and happiness through his thoughts and deeds.

Yaksha Question: Is there a God? Who is that? Is she male or female?
Yudhishthira Answer: Not a task without reason. This world is a proof of the existence of that cause. You are why he is also that great cause has been called God in spirituality.
She is neither female nor male.

Yaksha Question: What is his (God) nature?
Yudhishthira Answer: He is satt-chitta-ananda, he is the formless person expressing himself in all forms.

Yaksha Question: What does he do (the formless) himself?
Yudhishthira: He creates, follows and destroys the God world.

Yaksha Question: If God created the world, then who created God?
Yudhishthira Answer: He is unborn nectar and unprovoked.

Yaksha Question: What is fate?
Yudhishthira Answer: Every action is a result of every action. The result can be good, it can be bad. This result is destiny. Today’s effort is tomorrow’s fate.

Yaksha Question: What is the secret of happiness and peace?
Yudhishthira Answer: Truth, virtue, love and forgiveness are the reason for happiness. The renunciation of untruth, incest, hatred and anger is the path of peace.

Yaksha Question: How is it possible to control the mind?
Yudhishthira Answer: Wishes, desires create excitement in the mind. Victory over desires is victory over mind.

Yaksha Question: What is true love?
Yudhishthira: True truth in seeing oneself

What could be the biggest surprise? It means that whoever is born is necessarily dying and everyone should be present for the interview. But every person is thus lost in life-trade as if death will not make him or her own grass.

Yaksha Question: Which is the right way to live life?
Yudhishthira Answer: There is no well established logic for determining the real path of living, Shrutis (scriptures and other sources) also speak well, there is no sage / thinker / thinker whose words can be said to be proof. In fact, the heart of religion is hidden in a cave (cave), that is, it is very deep. In such a situation, the path which the eminent person takes in society is exemplary. Talk of ‘big’ people walking on the path is often done. Here a distinguished or elder does not mean one who has acquired wealth, or who has advanced professionally, or who is endowed with administrative or other rights, etc. An eminent is one who is characterful, does not defy duties, is sensitive to others, is devoted to the interests of society, etc.

Question: What is interesting talk?
Yudhishthira Uttara: Kaal (i.e. continuously flowing time) is cooking the living creatures by turning in the month of month and seasons in the great enchanted cauldron of Bhavsagar, being heated by the fire of the sun and the fuel of the night. This is the main talk (news). A serious philosophy of life is mentioned in this statement. With night and day and month and night, there is a continuous phase of upheaval in the life of the creature. Zoological times are like the food cooked by him, which has to be absorbed in the cheeks of Kaal one day. This is the latest news of every day.

Thus Yaksha asked many more questions to Yudhishthira and Yudhishthira gave proper answers to all those questions.

Pleased with this, the Yaksha said- “O Yudhishthira! You are the master of all the merits of religion. I am satisfied with your answers. So I give life to one of your brothers. Tell which of your brothers should I live? ”

Yudhishthira said- “You make Nakula alive.”

On this Yaksha said- “Yudhishthira! Why did you not ask for the life of Mahabali Bhima or Trilok the victorious Arjuna and asked Nakula to live? ”

Yudhishthira answered this question of Yaksha in this way- “O Yaksha! Dharmatma Pandu had two queens – Kunti and Madri. Mary was the mother of Bhima and Arjuna, and Madri by Nakula and Sahadeva. Therefore, where I am living a son of mother Kunti, only one son of Mother Madri should be alive. That is why I have asked for the life of Nakula. ”

Hearing the words of Yudhishthira, Yaksha was pleased and said- “O Watts! I have been very happy with your thoughts, that’s why I bring all your brothers alive. Actually, I am your father’s religion and came here to test you. ”

As soon as the religion was said, all the Pandavas stood up as if awakened from a deep sleep. Yudhishthira touched his father Dharma’s feet and took his blessings.

Then Dharma said- “Watts, I am very happy with you, that’s why you ask me for a groom as you wish.” Yudhishthira said- “O Tat! Our twelve years of exile are being completed and now we are going to go for one year of exile. Therefore, give this boon that no one can recognize us in that unknown place. Also, give me this bridesmaid that you always remain engaged in religion. ” Dharma Yudhishthira got intercepted from thereby giving both his asked groom. (Yaksha Yudhisthir Samvad)

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