Yudhishthira protects Duryodhana ~ Mahabharata

Yudhishthira protects Duryodhana ~ Mahabharata

Yudhishthira protects Duryodhana –After spending four years in the palace of Kubera on Gandhamadan mountain, the Pandavas left from there. Stopping in many forests on the way, suppressing the wicked from place to place with his valor and might, taking advantage of the Satsang of sages and Brahmins, they reached Daitavan and stayed there to spend the remaining time of exile. (Yudhishthira protects Duryodhana)

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By now eleven years of exile had been completed. Duryodhana and his rogue congregation got information about Pandavas being in dualism. He once again went there and started making plans to kill the Pandavas.

Incidentally, the cow-wealth of the Kauravas in those days was only in the Daityavan. Duryodhana got permission from Dhritarashtra to go to Daitavan under the pretext of conducting his cow-property audit, inspection etc. Thus Duryodhana and his evil congregation, with a large army of their own, reached the Daityavan and encamped there.

They wanted to burn the Pandavas by showcasing their royalty, so they had kept the women equipped with valuable clothes and jewels with them.

One day, Duryodhana, along with his congregation and Raj women, reached Manorama Sarovar located in Dwaitavan for the purpose of having a water bath. But in that lake, Gandharvaraj Chitraratha was already coming and playing with his wives. The servants of Chitraratha stopped Duryodhana from landing in the lake and said- “At this time Gandharvaraj Chitraratha is playing water in this lake with his wives, so no one else can get into the lake before he comes out.”

Hearing these words of the servants, Duryodhana was furious and said – “You may not know who you are talking to. I am Duryodhana, the Mahabali son of Hastinapur King Dhritarashtra. This lake comes under the boundary of our kingdom. You go from Chitraratha Tell that the crown prince of this state has come here to have a water bath and has given you permission to get out of this lake. ”

Hearing Duryodhana’s dagged message, Gandharvaraj Chitraratha’s anger was no longer out of wrath and he started a war with Duryodhana and his congregation. Duryodhana’s companions and army continued to fight for some time, but after finding Chitraratha more powerful, they left all Duryodhana and the ladies and ran away.

Chitraratha captured Duryodhana and those nobles. When the fugitive soldiers of Duryodhana did not notice anything, they went to the Pandavas residing there and started pleading with them for the liberation of Duryodhana and the ladies.

Hearing his plea, Bhima was pleased and said to Yudhishthira- “Elder brother! Duryodhana came here to demonstrate to us his majestic splendor. The Gandharvas have acted in our interest by taking the plight of Duryodhana. Don’t you ever release him.”

On this Yudhishthira said – “Bhaiya Bhima! These people have come to our shelter and it is the religion of the Kshatrias to protect those who come in the asylum. Then despite being of evil nature, Duryodhana is our brother after all. The women who are with him. We have women of our own clan and due to their disrespect our clan will feel stigmatized. Therefore it is appropriate that you and Arjuna go and protect them. ”

By obeying his elder brother, Bhima and Arjuna approached the lake and challenged Chitraratha to battle. Listening to his challenge, Chitraratha, instead of being angry, came to Arjuna smiling and said – “O Partha! I am your friend. In fact, the evil Duryodhana came here with his army to kill you. Indra got this The matter had been reported, so they sent me here. And leave the women who are with it now. ” Having said this, Chitraratha freed all the prisoners including Duryodhana. They all came to Yudhishthira from there. Duryodhana, full of guilt, bowed down to Yudhishthira and bowed his head with shame and walked towards his city.

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