JEE Main Rank VS Percentile Predictor 2023 JEE Mains Rank Predictor, List

JEE Main Rank VS Percentile –The National Testing Agency will issue each student’s Individual Score on January 22, 2023, and students will be able to learn about their scores at that time. The JEE Main Rank List for 2023 is now the most important admissions factor. With the assistance of the JEE Fundamental Position Versus You can also predict the rank using the Percentile 2023 information listed below. Students who are aware of their scores can also learn about the JEE Main Percentile Wise Rank 2023 by following the instructions provided here.

Once candidates know their scores, they can use JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 to predict their Category Wise Rank. The Rank List makes it abundantly clear that the percentile is the ratio of correct to incorrect responses. You will actually want to decide your position in the JEE Fundamental Position Versus Percentile 2023 following the release of your result. Based on your grades, a rank on the merit list will be assigned to you, and admission will be offered based on that rank.

JEE Main Rank VS Percentile 2023


We know that the Public Testing Office oversees the Joint Selection test, which awards understudies affirmation. As is well known, the Exam Cut Off List is already included in the Result Notice, allowing you to determine your rank based on your scores. Scores can be evaluated with the help of the Answer Key, which has already been made available; Your results must now be compared to the JEE Main Rank Vs. Table of the Percentile in 2023, which can be found below. You can compare your scores to the percentile of correct responses on the scorecard to determine whether or not you are qualified for admission.

Please use the JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 that is provided below to see where you rank among the applicants. If you score well on the JEE Mains, you can get into the college and branch of your choice. Continue your education and work toward becoming an engineer to serve your country after that.

JEE Main Rank VS Percentile

JEE Main Rank VS Percentile Details 2023

Exam JEE Mains Session 1 2023
Supervising Authority National Testing Agency
Exam Purpose Admission Test for Engineering Courses
Admission in IITs
Exam Date 24-31 January 2023
JEE Main Result 2023 Out Now
JEE Main Rank List 2023 February 2023 (to be released)
Qualifying Marks 45% Marks
JEE Main Marks Vs Rank 2023 Discussed below
Article Category Result
JEE Main Portal

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JEE Main Rank List 2023 PDF Download

You should be sitting tight for your position on the rundown in the event that you likewise applied for the JEE Principal Meeting 1 Test and, took it on time. This is to inform you that the PDF of the JEE Main Rank List 2023 has not yet been prepared and made available; in any case, you can in any case figure out your position utilizing the imprints you got. Simply compare your scores to the JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 provided above to determine your rank. If you achieve a high ranking on the list, you will almost certainly be admitted to the IIT branch of your choice.

Advantages Or Disadvantages

Despite its limitations, the JEE Main 2023 Rank Predictor might be a useful tool. The JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 provides candidates with a clear idea of their anticipated rank on the JEE Main entrance exam. They will also be able to determine whether they will be included on the shortlist of the top 2,50,000 candidates for the JEE Advanced exam. The JEE Main 2023 Rank Predictor is a great way to figure out your chances of getting into the best engineering schools in India. However, candidates ought to be aware that this rank predictor tool is suggestive, so the results might not be 100% accurate.

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Benefits Of JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023

  • Candidates can gauge the level of competition and situate themselves in relation to the other candidates.
  • Candidates can check the status of their admissions to institutes and colleges and priorities their college selections based on their anticipated rank.
  • By compiling a list of institutions or colleges to which they intend to apply, candidates can get a head start on the JEE Main counseling process.

JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023

Marks JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023
280-300 1-20
260-279 21-49
240-259 50-69
220-239 70-99
200-219 100-149
180-199 150-199
160-179 200-249
140-159 250-299
120-139 300-1000
100-119 1001-1999
80-99 2000-4999
60-79 5000-9999
40-59 10000-20000
20-39 20000-50000
0-19 50000 and Above

JEE Main Percentile Wise Rank 2023

Percentile JEE Main Percentile Wise Rank 2023
98-100 Percentile 0-50
80-97 Percentile 51-149
70-79 Percentile 150-500
60-69 Percentile 501-1499
55-59 Percentile 1500-2499
50-54 Percentile 2500-10000
45-49 Percentile 10001-20000
40-44 Percentile 20001-30000
35-39 Percentile 30001-50000
30-34 Percentile 50001-1,00,000
25-29 Percentile 100001-200000
20-24 Percentile 200001-300000
15-19 Percentile 300001-400000
10-14 Percentile 400001-500000
05-09 Percentile 500001-600000

Candidates should be aware that the difficulty of each shift influences the JEE Main percentile and rank. Candidates with a 98% percentile, according to our research, are eligible for a high ranking on the list. In addition, you should be aware that some variables, such as the difficulty level of the shift and the percentile of correct responses, determine who ranks highly in the list.

JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile 2023

Marks JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile 2023
280-300 98-100 Percentile
260-279 80-97 Percentile
240-259 70-79 Percentile
220-239 60-69 Percentile
200-219 55-59 Percentile
180-199 50-54 Percentile
160-179 45-49 Percentile
140-159 40-44 Percentile
120-139 35-39 Percentile
100-119 30-34 Percentile
80-99 25-29 Percentile
60-79 20-24 Percentile
40-59 15-19 Percentile
20-39 10-14 Percentile
0-19 05-09 Percentile

How To Check JEE Main Rank 2023

  • To start, you are asked to open from your PC.
  • The second step is to click the JEE Main Scorecard 2023 link on the homepage.
  • By logging in with your Application Number and password, you can now view the Scorecard.
  • When you tap the Submit button, the detailed marks and the percentile of correct answers will appear.
  • Download the scorecard after verifying all of the information provided.
  • Now, examine how you stack up against the JEE Main Rank vs. Percentile 2023 Table in terms of marks or percentile.
  • If you follow these guidelines, you can use your marks to check your JEE Main Rank 2023.


It is necessary to be familiar with the concept of JEE Mains Marks vs. Rank vs. Percentile in order to determine where you stand in the competition and which college you will likely attend. You can start working on other aspects of your preparation now that you know how your marks will be calculated. Focus on your objectives and put in a lot of effort to reach them.

FAQ’S On JEE Main Rank VS Percentile 2023

How much is the Percentile of 20 Marks in JEE Mains?

You will get a percentile of 15-20 if you get 20 Marks in JEE Mains 2023.

On Which Website is the JEE Main Rank List 2023 coming?

JEE Main Rank List 2023 is expected to be published on

When is the JEE Main Rank List 2023 coming?

JEE Main Rank List 2023 is expected to be out before 20th February 2023.

Is it possible for me to get a 95 percentile on NIT?

You will not be allowed to apply to any NITs based on this rank if you are from the general category, but you will be eligible to apply to IIITs

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