The pure glory of water

The pure glory of water, importance is described in the Puranas

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The pure glory of water, importance is described in the Puranas

The pure glory of water -One of the five elements is water. The importance of the glory of water is described in the Puranas. There is a difference between pure water and holy water. Both are important in life. Let’s know what is the importance of water in the Puranas.
1. Water is considered sacred in Hinduism. Where we are saved from many diseases with pure water, our body and mind become pure with holy water.

2. According to the Puranas, the weight of water on the earth is 10 times more than the earth.

3. Water is believed to originate from the air. Water is a form of air.

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4. The root world originated from water itself. About 70 percent water is present in our body in the same way as water is present on the earth. All the liquid elements which are flowing in the body and on this earth are all water elements. Whether it is water, blood, fat, all kinds of juices and enzymes produced in the body.

5. According to Ayurveda, the best water is rain. After that the rivers emanating from the glacier, then the water of the pond, then the boring and the fifth water from the well or latch. Boil and drink if the water looks bad.

6. The process of purifying water takes several types. There are three main ways to purify water – first with bhava, second with mantras and third with copper and basil. Sanctify it with emotion, that is, with emotion. Just as we have a good feeling for water and consider it as a god, first of all, offering it to the gods and then accepting it, then its virtue and religion are included in purity. Similarly, with a mantra, that is, with a particular mantra, we purify water. The third way is to fill the pure water in a copper vessel and put some basil leaves in it, then this water will become completely pure.

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7. You will find the tradition of purifying people by sprinkling holy water in all religions. In the Hindu religion, holy water is sprinkled on everyone after the Aarti or Puja, which gives peace.

8. The importance of holy water has also been considered while chanting. This water is of the copper pot. It is taken while exhaling which makes the mind, brain and heart pure. This water is taken in very small quantities which reaches the heart only.

9. If the holy water is ingested with the proper method and method, it helps to make the frustrated mind clean. Being clean of mind is considered the washing of sins.
Diseases are caused by water and a person becomes healthy by water. Apart from bathing in the water itself, there is Kunjal Kriya, Shankhaprakshalana and vomit in yoga. Therefore, water has great importance.

10. It is believed that a bath in the Ganges washes away sins. The water of the river Ganges is considered the most sacred water. Every Hindu keeps their water in his house. The Ganges River is the only river in the world whose water never rots. The Vedas, the Puranas, the Ramayana Mahabharata describe the glory of the Ganges in all religious texts.

11. In Hinduism, the water of Bindu Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar, Pushkar Lake and Mansarovar are considered sacred. It is said that by bathing with this water and consuming it, all kinds of sins are erased and the person’s mind becomes empty.

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12. It is considered best to consume water before meals, moderate in the middle and lowest after meals. Water can be consumed after one hour of meals.

13. Water should be filtered and water is always drunk by sitting. Drinking water while standing or on the move stresses the bladder and kidney. Water should be drunk in the glass. Sweetness is produced in the water dipped in Anjuli.

14. The place where water is kept should be of northeast angle and should be clean. Water purity is essential.

Thoughts and thoughts should be pure and positive while drinking water. Because of this, water has the ability to eliminate many diseases and water keeps changing its properties according to your mood. (The pure glory of water)


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