In this way, Veergati was attained by Abhimanyu trapped in the Chakravyuh.

In this way, Veergati was attained by being trapped in the Chakravyuh.

Everyone knows about Arjuna and Subhadra’s son Veer Abhimanyu, how he got trapped in the Chakravyuh and attained Veergati. Come let us know a very special secret in this regard.

When Dronacharya saw that Arjuna had gone away with his chariot, he built a Chakravyuha to take Maharaja Yudhishthira hostage. The four Pandavas were engulfed in fear and anxiety as Yudhishthira being taken hostage meant the defeat of the Pandavas. In such a situation, Abhimanyu told Yudhishthira that I know how to pierce the Chakravyu but not get out of it. In such a situation, all the Pandavas decided that Abhimanyu would penetrate the Chakravyuh and behind him, we would also enter the Chakravyuh and protect him and bring him out.

Initially it was thought that Abhimanyu would break the Vyuha and along with him other warriors would also enter the Chakravyuha from behind him. But as soon as Abhimanyu entered and the array changed again and the first row became stronger than before, none of the rear warriors, Bhima, Satyaki, Nakula-Sahadeva could enter. Among the warriors involved in the war, there were only two or four archers of the level of Abhimanyu, that is, in a short time Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh and went away, but alone, utterly alone. No one came after him. When everyone was trying, Jayadratha came and took the front and stopped the Pandavas from going to the Chakravyuh.
As Abhimanyu reached the center of the Chakravyuh, the density of the warriors standing there and the skill of the warriors increased, because not all of them were fighting, just standing while Abhimanyu fights to the center. While they were mentally and physically exhausted due to war and breaking of strategy, the warriors of Kaurava side were refreshed. In such a situation, if Abhimanyu had the knowledge to get out of the Chakravyuh, he would have survived or even if other warriors came after him to support him, he would have survived. But due to fatigue, he could not fight with much enthusiasm and senses.

After entering the Chakravyuh, Abhimanyu skillfully broke the 6 stages of the Chakravyuh. During this, Duryodhana’s son Lakshmana was killed by Abhimanyu. Seeing his son dead, Duryodhana’s anger knew no bounds. Then the Kauravas put all the rules of war in abeyance.

As soon as Abhimanyu reached the 7th and last stage after crossing the six steps, he was surrounded by 7 Maharathis including Duryodhana, Karna, Dronacharya etc. Brave Abhimanyu still fought with them courageously. Together the seven killed the horses of Abhimanyu’s chariot. Nevertheless, in order to protect himself, Abhimanyu kept the wheel of his chariot as a protective shield on him and continued to fight with his right hand. After some time, the sword of heroic Abhimanyu was broken and the wheel of the chariot was also shattered.
Now heroic Abhimanyu was unarmed. Under the law of war, it was not to strike the unarmed. But then the unarmed Abhimanyu was hit with a strong sword from behind. After this, one after the other, the seven warriors attacked him. Abhimanyu attained Veergati there. When Arjuna got the news of Abhimanyu’s death, he became very angry and decided to destroy the enemies for the death of his son. First of all he took an oath to kill Jayadratha before the sunset of tomorrow evening.

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