Nail biting at night is auspicious or inauspicious? Know or have superstition

Nail-biting at night is auspicious or inauspicious? Know or have superstition.

Nail-biting at night is auspicious or inauspicious? Know-how right, how wrong We see many times in our homes that our elders keep giving us knowledge of many things, such as do not sweep the days hidden, do not wash your head on Thursday, do not keep slippers upside down, etc.

One of these ideas is not to cut nails at night. The elders of our house definitely explain to us that we should not bite nails at night. But what is the reason behind this, it does not tell us. Is there really any reason that nail-biting in the night leads to inauspiciousness in life.
There is a lot of difference between the modern era and the modern era and in the same way there is a lot of difference between the views of the old people and the people of the new age. Until the new generation gets the logic associated with each idea, it is impossible for them to adopt any idea.

Let’s know why not cut the nails at night?

There are 3 special reasons for not biting nails at night-

Reason one: The nail is a strong layer on our fingers, which protects our soft fingers to a great extent. That is why when we bite the nails, then we have to take special care that our fingers are not harmed in any way.

In the olden times, there was neither electricity in all houses nor electricity all the time. In olden times people used to do all their work according to the light of the sun. That is why it was said that nails should be cut during the day time so that there is no loss of any kind.

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Second reason: In ancient times, nail cutters were not available to the people. At that time, people used to cut nails either with a knife or with a sharp tool. And as we have already said in our first sentence that there was no electricity in the old times, so the people in the dark of the night were forbidden to cut the nails so that our hands would not suffer any kind.

The third reason: when we bite the nail, the nail may jerk into any food item or someone’s eye, which can be very harmful. That is why people in olden times refused to bite nails due to many reasons.
If we look at the essence of all things, then we come to the conclusion that our elders used to forbid us to cut nails at night due to lack of proper power conditions in olden times. But with the passage of time, people have given it a form of superstition by associating it with superstition.

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