Powerful Women : The World’s all time100+ Most Powerful Women

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women- Women are ethical and civic-minded, and champion diversity and issues of equality. Women leaders seek to further economic, social and political progress for all. Empowered powerful women will improve outcomes and bring about results.

Powerful Women

10 reasons why we need more powerful women in leadership roles at the workplace

Powerful Women- In today’s world, women may not always realise their potential, and once unleashed, they have a direct route to success. When they find themselves in a leadership role, their capability and abilities are undeniable. However, it’s simple to claim this, so that establishes the need to outline multiple benefits women can bring to leadership roles.

1.  Powerful Women leaders will paint the future

A woman who is currently not in a leadership role can be a daunting prospect entering such a high-profile role with current stigmas that may be attached. In turn, this could push away the younger generation from striving to break down barriers.

In 2019, the proportion of women in senior management roles globally grew to 29%, the highest number ever recorded. In 2020, this percentage remained the same.

While this can be considered positive news, women just entering the workforce will need to be inspired by other women who are currently smashing their role as a leader in the workplace. Once achieved, it can carve a direction for all young aspiring women leaders to increase the global percentage and break new records.

2.   Unique transformational ideas will be brought to the front

A meta-analysis comparing male and female leaders identified those female leaders were more transformational. They demonstrated more contingent reward behaviour than the two-dimensional actions (active and passive management) presented by male leadership.

3.   The enhancement of teamwork

There is no doubt that we’ve all seen women demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and a capability to take command of a situation when need be (let’s not look further than our own mothers or female caregivers in this instance).

Women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; this helps make the team environment less authoritative and more cooperative, bringing a family-like feel to the team. This boosts teamwork across the organisation and helps implement a new culture within the business.

4.  Powerful Women demonstrate superior leadership values

Heading back to a national Pew Research Center Social and Demographic Trends survey, 2,250 adults ranked women better than or equal to men in seven of the eight primary leadership traits assessed throughout the survey.

The key statistics from this survey outline half of the respondents ranked women as more honest than men, with 20% saying that men are more honest than women. In terms of intelligence, 38% said they viewed women as smarter, with only 14% indicating men are smarter. For the other cases, women were ranked for being more compassionate, outgoing and creative.

5.   Business-wide communication can be enhanced

Communication is said and known to be among a woman’s strongest skill. Female leaders will utilise this power to enhance meaningful conversations with employers, co-workers and partners, thus creating an open communication stream that creates a sense of clarity.

6.   Achieve a better financial outcome

Within a more diverse workplace, the more likely creative ideas are going to be presented. This helps fuel growth and helps create more sustainability within an organisation. Diversity in the workplace should not just prioritise women, but instead, have a fluid combination of both genders throughout the organisation.

Workplace gender diversity helps increase productivity, creativity, improves performance, staff retention, and, as established, boosts collaboration throughout the business. In a workplace study, 21% of businesses are more likely to experience above-average profitability if the workforce is gender-diverse.

7.   Fresh new outlooks and perspectives

We have outlined the need to construct a diverse workforce, and with this will come new experiences and perspectives that ultimately contribute to bringing some much-needed innovation into the business.

Women leaders will bring skills, different perspectives, and innovative ideas to the table, but these three combined will help create new perspectives that lead to better decision-making as a whole for the business.

8.  Powerful Women leaders can provide better mentorship

Especially for the younger generation, the power of role models cannot be overlooked. Regardless of a person’s gender, all people need someone who will guide them to progress in their careers. Specifically, for mentoring and coaching young talent, women leaders are better mentors than men.

According to a study, 29% of women believe that their gender will be an obstacle to advancement. To overcome this obstacle, women in leadership positions can take this opportunity and begin empowering the bright young minds of the next generation.

9.   The ability to wear many hats

In a women’s life, wearing different hats within their roles is often a common occurrence. You can find them often balancing careers, households and taking up the mantel of parental guidance along with many other experiences. These combined help women leaders to quickly adjust to new situations and focus on finding solutions to real-life work issues.

10.  Women in leadership roles can close the gender pay gap

Something that can often be overlooked is that the gender pay gap can be transformed into a gender opportunity gap. It has been seen that when males and females start their progress from scratch, men are usually offered more opportunities leading to higher-paying positions.

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However, employing more women in leadership roles can not only provide the benefits we’ve listed already, but instead, help achieve a wider goal and close the pay gap more effectively.

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women with in full detail are-

Rank Name Age Country/Territory Category
#1 MacKenzie Scott 51 United States Philanthropy
#2 Kamala Harris 57 United States Politics & Policy
#3 Christine Lagarde 66 France Politics & Policy
#4 Mary Barra 60 United States Business
#5 Melinda French Gates 57 United States Philanthropy
#6 Abigail Johnson 60 United States Finance
#7 Ana Patricia Botín 61 Spain Finance
#8 Ursula von der Leyen 63 Germany Politics & Policy
#9 Tsai Ing-wen 65 Taiwan Politics & Policy
#10 Julie Sweet 54 United States Business
#11 Karen Lynch 59 United States Business
#12 Carol Tomé 65 United States Business
#13 Emma Walmsley 53 United Kingdom Business
#14 Jane Fraser 54 United States Finance
#15 Nancy Pelosi 81 United States Politics & Policy
#16 Gail Boudreaux 61 United States Business
#17 Rosalind Brewer 59 United States Business
#18 Susan Wojcicki 53 United States Technology
#19 Safra Catz 60 United States Technology
#20 Ruth Porat 64 United States Technology
#21 Martina Merz 59 Germany Business
#22 Kristalina Georgieva 68 Bulgaria Politics & Policy
#23 Oprah Winfrey 68 United States Media & Entertainment
#24 Shemara Wikramanayake 60 Australia Business
#25 Judith McKenna 56 United Kingdom Business
#26 Amanda Blanc 55 United Kingdom Business
#27 Nicke Widyawati 54 Indonesia Business
#28 Amy Hood 50 United States Technology
#29 Catherine MacGregor France Business
#30 Phebe Novakovic 63 United States Business
#31 Shari Redstone 67 United States Media & Entertainment
#32 Laurene Powell Jobs 58 United States Philanthropy
#33 Ho Ching 69 Singapore Finance
#34 Jacinda Ardern 41 New Zealand Politics & Policy
#35 Jessica Uhl 54 United States Business
#36 Sheryl Sandberg 52 United States Technology
#37 Nirmala Sitharaman 63 India Politics & Policy
#38 Gwynne Shotwell 58 United States Technology
#39 Janet Yellen 75 United States
#40 Kathy Warden United States Business
#41 Adena Friedman 52 United States Finance
#42 Marianne Lake, Jennifer Piepszak United States Finance
#43 Sheikh Hasina Wajed 74 Bangladesh Politics & Policy
#44 Gina Rinehart 68 Australia Business
#45 Thasunda Brown Duckett United States Finance
#46 Vicki Hollub 62 United States Business
#47 Mary Callahan Erdoes 54 United States Finance
#48 Ozlem Tureci Germany Business
#49 Lisa Su 53 United States Business
#50 Dana Walden 57 United States Media & Entertainment
#51 Tricia Griffith 57 United States Business
#52 Roshni Nadar Malhotra 40 India Technology
#53 Cathie Wood 66 United States Finance
#54 Jennifer Salke United States Media & Entertainment
#55 Tokiko Shimizu 57 Japan
#56 Donna Langley 54 United Kingdom Media & Entertainment
#57 Hana Al Rostamani Finance
#58 Dong Mingzhu 67 China Business
#59 Yuriko Koike 69 Japan Politics & Policy
#60 Elvira Nabiullina 58 Russia Politics & Policy
#61 Suzanne Scott United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #62 Lynn Good United States Business
Powerful Women #63 Ann Sarnoff United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #64 Judy Faulkner 78 United States Business
Powerful Women #65 Melanie Kreis 50 Germany Business
Powerful Women #66 Sri Mulyani Indrawati 59 Indonesia Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #67 Paula Santilli Mexico Business
Powerful Women #68 Rihanna 34 Barbados Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #69 Laura Cha Hong Kong Finance
Powerful Women #70 Queen Elizabeth II 95 United Kingdom Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #71 Mette Frederiksen 44 Denmark Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #72 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw 68 India Business
Powerful Women #73 Joey Wat 51 China Business
Powerful Women #74 Reese Witherspoon 45 United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #75 Wang Feng Ying China Business
Powerful Women #76 Beyoncé Knowles 40 United States Media & Entertainment
#77 Güler Sabanci 67 Turkey Business
#78 Taylor Swift 32 United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #79 Zhou Qunfei Hong Kong Technology
Powerful Women #80 Ava DuVernay 49 United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #81 Solina Chau 60 Hong Kong Philanthropy
Powerful Women #82 Magdalena Andersson Sweden Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #83 Sanna Marin 36 Finland Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #84 Mary Meeker 62 United States Technology
Powerful Women #85 Serena Williams 40 United States Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #86 Zuzana Caputova 48 Slovakia Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #87 Dominique Senequier 68 France Finance
Powerful Women #88 Falguni Nayar 59 India Business
Powerful Women #89 Lee Boo-jin 51 South Korea Business
Powerful Women #90 Anne Wojcicki 48 United States Technology
#91 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala 67 Nigeria Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #92 Raja Easa Al Gurg United Arab Emirates Business
#93 Julia Gillard 60 Australia
#94 Samia Suluhu Hassan Tanzania Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #95 Kirsten Green 50 United States Technology
Powerful Women #96 Renuka Jagtiani United Arab Emirates Business
Powerful Women #97 Chrystia Freeland Canada Politics & Policy
#98 Mo Abudu Nigeria Media & Entertainment
Powerful Women #99 Christiana Figueres Costa Rica Politics & Policy
Powerful Women #100 Frances Haugen United States Technology

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