structural meaning know in detail


Definition of structural

1of or relating to the physical makeup of a plant or animal bodystructural defects of the heart

2aof, relating to, or affecting structure structural stability

bused in building structures structural clay

cinvolved in or caused by structure especially of the economy structural unemployment
3of, relating to, or resulting from the effects of folding or faulting of the earth’s crustTECTONIC
4concerned with or relating to structure rather than history or comparisonstructural linguistics
Recent Examples on the WebGates wants to direct this same style of the structure toward the global poor, for whom using digital currency could remove structural barriers, debilitating transaction fees, and other overhead costs.— Caroline Delbert, Popular Mechanics, “Bill Gates Says Bitcoin Is Bad for the Planet. He’s Not Wrong.,” 4 Mar. 2021Though the task ahead is substantial if Tai continues her commitment to trade policy that centers on working people — in particular, the workers who face structural barriers in our economy — the promise ahead is clear.

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