Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms In 2023 Check List of Social Media Sites

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2023- Prior to sending off your online entertainment promoting system for your online business, you want to initially get an outline of the circulation of virtual entertainment use. You should start your marketing efforts by focusing on the platforms where you can find the majority of your target audience, given the growing use and penetration of social media today. To accomplish this, you must determine which social media platform has the greatest number of users.

With 2.96 billion active users in 2023, the most recent statistics demonstrate that Facebook will continue to enjoy a strong hold on the title of social media king. That implies that almost two out of each and every three of the 4.89 billion virtual entertainment clients across the world are dynamic clients of Facebook. Facebook’s social media ranking and statistics say it all. In addition to being the social media platform with the most active users, it is also one of the apps that customers use the most. The Facebook app is used by Android users around the world 19 hours and 43 minutes per month.

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2023

The initial step to picking the right friendly stages for your business is knowing who your interest group is. On the off chance that it’s been some time since you laid out or revived your main interest group, use our Purchaser Persona Worksheets to lay out new ones. Then, you’ll have to decide your objectives for online entertainment. These objectives could incorporate expanding brand mindfulness, supporting your clients, giving client care, and producing deals or leads.

Individuals are not just framing colleagues, and connections via web-based entertainment however they are likewise advancing their business, and virtual entertainment applications have turned into the center of data in the current world which can lastingly affect the activities of the various nations from one side of the planet to the other. However all virtual entertainment applications bring various things to the table, on a more drawn out time scale it has arrived clients how well to make this thing sure that we utilize these online entertainment applications not that these virtual entertainment applications use us.

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Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2023

1. Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users


While it can’t assume acknowledgment for kicking all that off, that honor goes to SixDegrees (Tear), Facebook is the online entertainment juggernaut that not just showed the world what the web can be, yet in addition generally impacted the manner in which people cooperate with one another. The organization’s tempestuous early days and proceeded with relationship with epic discussions haven’t prevented it from accomplishing astounding development since its 2004 send off.

In spite of its monstrous prevalence, Facebook isn’t the most visited site on the planet. To some degree shockingly, its 25.5 billion month to month visits are outclassed by YouTube’s 34.6 billion and completely obscured by Google’s 92.5 billion. In contrast with other web-based entertainment stages, Facebook is the most famous among clients matured somewhere in the range of 12 and 34 years, in spite of the fact that their US-based portion of this segment is undoubtedly contracting. The Boundless Dial reports that the 58% of overview respondents in this age bunch who recognized Facebook as their number one interpersonal organization in 2015 has contracted to 32% in 2020.

Here are a few other intriguing realities about Facebook use:

  • India is the country with the most dynamic Facebook clients (290 million), the US is second (190 million), and Indonesia third (140 million).
  • In the US, 73% of all Facebook clients sign in consistently. 93% use Facebook week after week, and 98% sign in no less than one time per month.
  • In spite of proceeded with analysis of Facebook’s part in spreading disinformation, 36% of US residents say they routinely utilize the stage as a wellspring of information.
  • The typical American client spends as long as 38 minutes out of each day on Facebook.

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2. YouTube – 2.291 Billion Active Users


YouTube is the second most popular social media platform on our list, with 2.29 billion registered users. However, this number may not be the most accurate representation of the platform’s true popularity because anyone, regardless of whether they are a registered user, can enjoy YouTube content. The video-sharing platform, which went live in 2005, was originally meant to be a dating service. The founders reportedly advertised on Craigslist to get women to post videos of themselves talking about their ideal partners.

The website was made available for any kind of video due to the (quite understandable) lack of response, which would eventually make Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim multimillionaires. On its way to becoming the world’s leading video-sharing platform and the target of a $1.65 billion Google acquisition, the company overcame numerous technical and legal obstacles. All of this was completed in November 2006, just 16 months after the launch.

  • According to 80% of parents, their children watch videos on YouTube.
  • Only 19 percent of parents claim that their children do not watch videos on YouTube.
  • More than half of parents reported that their children spent at least one day per week watching YouTube.

YouTube has impressive stats when it comes to reaching adults, despite its popularity among younger users. YouTube is used by 74 percent of all adults in the United States. With 68%, Facebook comes in second, followed by Instagram with 40%. Only three nations account for more than 30% of all YouTube traffic in terms of national demographics. The largest percentage is contributed by the United States, at 16.4%. Japan takes the bronze medal with 4.8%, while India comes in second with 9.2%.

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3. WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion Active Users


In 2009, two ex-Yahoo! employees established Employees, the initial objective of WhatsApp was not to be an instant messaging (IM) app but rather to simply display “statuses” next to each user’s address book entry. Due to Facebook’s 2014 acquisition for $16 billion, this accidental evolution resulted in the app’s dominance of the free instant messaging market and would also end up making the founders extremely wealthy.

In 2020, WhatsApp became one of only three social networking platforms to have more than 2 billion users. The app’s recent growth has been incredible, with the last billion users joining in just four years! WhatsApp doesn’t have as many marketing options as many other social networks do because the platform has resisted incorporating traditional advertising into their revenue model. However, businesses that use the app as a communication tool still benefit greatly from its marketing potential. WhatsApp is still the most popular mobile messaging app in the world, surpassing Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, Telegram, and Snapchat to the title. This is despite a recent PR disaster resulting from an ill-advised update to their privacy policy.

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4. Facebook Messenger – 1.3 Billion Active Users

Facebook Messenger

The fact that a Facebook-owned service ranked fourth on this prestigious list demonstrates the company’s power. The fact that WhatsApp was able to significantly outperform Messenger despite the latter’s integration into the world’s most popular social network speaks volumes about the company. “Facebook Chat,” a straightforward instant messaging feature that was made available to Facebook users in 2008, was Messenger’s first iteration. Facebook revamped the service and rebranded it as “Facebook Messenger” two years later after recognizing Chat’s potential as a standalone app with its own distinct commercial ecosystem.

He boasts with glee that over 20 billion messages are sent each month between businesses and regular users and that over 40 million active businesses use Messenger to interact with potential customers. It is interesting to note that, despite the fact that Messenger still trails WhatsApp in terms of the total number of active users worldwide, users in the United States consistently choose Messenger over WhatsApp.

When it comes to adoption of Facebook Messenger in the United States, one age group stands out from the rest:

  • 13 – 17-year olds account for 1.7% of the app’s usage.
  • 18 – 24-year olds account for 14.7%.
  • 25 – 34-year olds represent 27.3% of Messenger’s US user base.
  • 35 – 44-year olds come in second with 21%.
  • 45 – 51 year olds account for 14.7% of the country’s Messenger’s user base.

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5. Instagram – 1.221 Billion Active Users


With a total of 1.22 billion active users worldwide, the photo-sharing app that is the most popular in the world comes in at number 5. Instagram was established in 2009 by Kevin Systrom, a former employee of Google, after a meticulous study of the social media landscape at the time. Systrom was able to broaden the scope of the app, which had initially targeted whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts, thanks to an early round of seed funding. Something with image manipulation technology that set the standard for the industry and a social experience that was far more immersive than any other image-sharing service at the time.

Instagram had reached 35 million users by April 2012, the month Facebook bought it for $1 billion. After three months, there were 80 million users. By June 2016, it had reached the historic figure of 500 million. The creation of “influencers” is one of Instagram’s most lasting contributions to digital marketing. For better or worse, the popularity of some users gave their profiles an “aspirational” look, which led to the development of a new marketing channel that allowed ordinary people to make money from their fame. With 71% of the app’s users being under the age of 35, Instagram is most aesthetically appealing to younger users.

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6. Weixin/WeChat – 1.213 Billion Active Users


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that WeChat occupies such a high position on our list because it offers such a wide range of features that enable users to do everything from sending text messages and making video calls to processing digital payments and playing video games. WeChat’s popularity despite actively sharing users’ private information with the Chinese government as part of the latter’s mass surveillance and censorship efforts is also evidence of the app’s immense utility. WeChat has blasted its way into virtually every aspect of Chinese life despite this unfortunate collaboration, as evidenced by the app’s impressive adoption by older age groups.

While more than half of WeChat users over the age of 60 use the app for more than half of their mobile data, It is helpful to know that 23% of American mobile internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 are registered on the WeChat app for social media marketers in the United States who are considering it as a potential marketing channel.

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7. TikTok – 689 Million Active Users


TikTok is one of those stories that went from nothing to everything. In 2017, the video-sharing platform made its international debut and began rapidly accumulating adoption figures that made rivals weep on their keyboards. TikTok was among the top five most downloaded apps worldwide two years after its introduction to the social media landscape. It reached the top spot a year later. And also not by a small amount. By a staggering 250 million downloads, the fledgling social network outperformed WhatsApp, which is its closest competitor.

For more context, refer to the table below. Only 60 million downloads separate WhatsApp from Facebook, which comes in third place. TikTok actually has far to go to find its rivals regarding the expansiveness of its segment reach. 47% of the platform’s users in the United States are between the ages of 10 and 29.

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8. QQ – 617 Million Active Users


QQ, like WeChat, another product of the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, has existed since the dawn of the internet.  OICQ was first introduced in 1999 as a free instant messaging service. It quickly became China’s most popular digital contact platform and helped “kill” email in the world’s most populous nation. The software’s exceptional file transfer handling contributed to QQ’s early dominance as a business communication platform. Companies simply HAD to be on QQ because, well, all of their partners, vendors, and customers were already using it, which resulted in a network effect.

The foundation for QQ’s enormous success was laid by being the first to market with such a useful platform, particularly in a region that actively blocks so many external cloud-based applications. Despite its widespread use in China, QQ has not established itself internationally. The platform’s lack of integration with numerous valuable QQ products in international versions rendered it virtually worthless outside of its native territory.

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9. Douyin – 600 Million Active Users


To simplify, Douyin is a Chinese version of TikTok. Despite sharing the same parent company and core functionality, the two platforms are unquestionably distinct applications targeted at two distinct demographics. One of the most widely used marketing channels for luxury brands in China is Douyin. While some have achieved success, many have had difficulty engaging the platform’s young users in meaningful ways. Douyin, in contrast to TikTok, has embraced user monetization and provided content creators with more concrete means of generating revenue from their videos, primarily through integration with well-known Chinese e-commerce platforms like Taobao.

10. Sina Weibo – 511 Million Active Users

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a Chinese company that began as a microblogging platform and has grown to become the third-largest social network in China. Dissimilar to the next Chinese stages on this rundown, Weibo’s spotlight is a lot of on the creation, conveyance, and utilization of client produced content. Businesses, journalists, influencers, and regular people alike have adopted it as an information center.

Weibo has become a popular marketing tool for businesses, and some international brands have even been able to successfully penetrate the vast Chinese market. Tourism Australia is the most successful of these, having won the “most promising and popular outbound destination award” on Weibo in 2019 at a Chinese influencer summit. Unfortunately, as is to be expected, the information that is shared on Weibo is subject to strict censorship and government scrutiny. However, this has not stopped foreign businesses from continuing their efforts to promote themselves to a third of China’s population.

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