What is an experience in marketing and example ?

Customer Experience Marketing Defined –


Experience Marketing or Experiential Marketing can be defined as:-

Intentional activities which immerse people within your brand through the stimulation of their senses, which results in a positive, emotional tie to your company.

Customer Experience Marketing Examples

Disney World® – An interactive playground to promote the product of movies & entertainment. This is “The most magical place on earth” where customers are called “guests” and employees are called “cast members.”

Starbucks Coffee – A total coffee experience that stimulates your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. They even have their own unique vocabulary for ordering a drink.

All industries evolve through the same stages of development.  These phases are:

Commodity – Only one provider in the space, you want it – we have it
Product – The features of the widget are the primary focus of the offering
Service – The ability to be available and provide the expected product support
Experience – The interactions beyond the expected, which create emotional ties to your brand through intentional events
Transformation – Truly changing your clients thoughts, feelings AND daily activities as a result of your brand interactions
At each phase in this evolution, the events surrounding your brand offerings are further customized to enhance the experience of specific individuals. What would make their experience with the brand better? This is why the companies listed above are the undisputed brand leaders.

Typically, we find businesses stuck somewhere between the product and service stages of development. At best, they have an amazing product and are really working on their level of service. Rarely do we find businesses that provide a truly unique, interactive, emotionally binding experience to their clients.

Another important point which needs to be made, is that all businesses are already providing an experience to their clients. Every time you talk with your clients on the phone, every time you deliver your services to them and every time you interact with them, there is an experience that takes place. The question is, are you doing this with the intention that it deserves?

How to use this Information for experience in marketing

Review the experience that you are providing to your clients.  Is there anything truly unique and different?  Does this always create an emotional response, or is this just good customer service? Be honest!! If anyone else comes close, you are simply competing on service.
Determine your brand experience.  What feeling should your clients have about your brand? Clearly define this. This is the only way you can succeed.
Are you effectively using Experience Marketing in your business?  Please feel free to submit your brand experience below to share with others.  Use this to promote your company and your brand!

Key Marketing Skills To List on a Resume (With Examples)

A marketing resume is designed to appeal to a hiring agent by demonstrating an applicant’s value as a marketing professional. Selecting the right skills to feature is an important part of creating an effective resume. Applicable skills should be used throughout your resume—not just in the skills section, but also in your work experience and interests, if possible. In this article, we discuss important marketing skills that can position you to progress to the next phase of the hiring process by showcasing your talents.

What are marketing skills?

Marketing skills are traits and abilities which are directly applicable to the field of marketing. These skills are tools that enable a marketing professional to excel in the field. When hiring for an open position a company is committed to finding an applicant who is capable of handling the responsibilities of the job and can meet or exceed expectations. Highlighting the right skills on your resume is the best way to show a potential employer that you are the right candidate to meet that goal.


experience in marketing

Examples of marketing skills

A marketing professional requires a mix of both hard and soft skills to be able to succeed and thrive in their field. These are some of the most important skills for marketing that you should try to incorporate into your resume.

Creative thinking
Social media
Content management systems
Mobile advertising
Video content
Layout and design
Interpersonal skills
Creative thinking
The ability to think creatively is one of the most important skills for a marketing professional. Creative thinking allows you to develop unique marketing ideas that deliver positive results for clients.


Led development of a social media campaign, which increased interaction on client’s profiles by 127-percent against prior month’s posts
Redesigned corporate mascot to put a modern spin on the design while maintaining small nods to the prior iteration
Created strong brand design scheme for a startup company, which unified aesthetics across all platforms


As a marketing professional, you will commonly be tasked with explaining your vision for a product to others on the team or to the client. When carrying out a plan it is also important to be able to clearly give feedback and directives to keep the entire team on the same page and progressing toward the final product as envisioned.


  • Coordinated a team of nine marketing professionals, ensuring that all members understood the broad vision of the project while executing their roles
  • Presented marketing pitches in a meeting setting to senior partners at the firm as well as clients
  • Delegated responsibilities to team members while clearly communicating what is expected of them to maintain synergy throughout the project

Social media

Brand management and a digital presence are an essential part of nearly any modern business. Social media platforms provide a company with the opportunity to gain attention and build brand loyalty with consumers with no outside spending required. Strong social media skills are valuable in a marketing department as they allow a brand to optimize their social media presence for maximum effect.


  • Managed the company’s social media accounts, averaging a 43-percent follower growth across all platforms
  • Developed Instagram campaign spanning six months, with fans participating in a social media game and reposting campaign images for a chance to win.
  • Cultivated a strong brand identity with corporate Twitter account, interacting with fans and responding to trending stories while maintaining a consistent voice.
  • Content management systems
  • Most corporate sites are built on the back of a content management system which facilitates easier updating of the site’s content. Although not all companies will be using the same CMS options and instead might be using an internally developed CMS,
  • demonstrating knowledge with using CMS signals to a potential employer that you can adapt to working with a CMS and will not have your efficiency harmed by excessive onboarding time.

experience in marketing : Examples:-

  1. Designed and maintained small business web site on a customized WordPress theme, and updated the blog regularly with creative marketing content.
  2. Posted marketing copy to company site using custom CMS to format each article
    Hired to update and modernize company site built on Wix platform, improving readability and flow and yielding a 17-percent increase in online sales after three months.
  3. Analytics
    Reading analytical reports is a key skill for finding the right direction for marketing campaigns. This is an increasingly useful skill in the modern marketing world where it has never been easier to get in-depth breakdowns of response to prior campaigns, what your average client looks like, and how posts or videos are performing. Tools like the Facebook Pixel allow for highly detailed understandings of potential customers across a near-limitless number of classifications, and the ability to find relevant information in that data and apply it positions a marketing professional to excel.

experience in marketing : Examples:-

  • Identified trends in visitors to company site and tailored marketing campaigns to focus on demographics that showed outsized interest
    Created analytics reports highlighting the most important information from marketing research to present to clients
  • Optimized corporate site to increase time-on-page by analyzing data reports on page performances
    Mobile advertising.
  • The percentage of online activity which takes place on mobile phones increases from year-to-year and there is no indication the trend will abate in the years to come. Mobile marketing is now one of the most important forms of advertising as it allows you to find customers where they are most likely to be. Social media advertising campaigns are most common, however responsive advertising web sites are also important.


  • Utilized engaging video ads on Facebook to encourage scroll-breaking and engage users. Linked videos to landing pages to generate live leads
  • Created a sponsored post advertising campaign utilizing industry influencers to call attention to new products ahead of launch
    Scripted and supervised filming on digital video shorts used as video advertising on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and other video platforms
  • Video content
    Video marketing is an important part of any online advertising campaign. In addition to video platforms like YouTube, many of the most effective marketing opportunities on social media are through smart utilization of video posts. A diverse range of video skills is valued by marketing departments and will set you apart from competitors for a position.


  • Filmed weekly videos with the gym’s lead Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professor in which he answered questions from the channel’s subscribers and demonstrated technical breakdowns
  • Utilized native advertising with partners by incorporating the use of products into video posts on the partners’ social media platforms
    Scripted video ads and served on location during filming to ensure the project followed the original vision and provided changes while maintaining branding goals when needed
  • Layout and design
  • For still image advertising campaigns, the ability to create a functional layout that highlights the product without overwhelming viewers is an essential skill. The ability to provide sketches or outlines to creative may suffice for some companies, while others will prefer marketing professionals who are familiar with layout and art direction programs and can execute their own marketing proposals.


  • Worked with a team of marketing professionals to create print advertising campaigns, which highlighted products in dynamic settings
    Developed pitches for clients with completed graphics, utilizing the Adobe Suite to arrange elements in an aesthetically pleasing manner, which draws focus to the most important images or copy
    Redesigned company website layout to follow unified branding across all platforms
    Interpersonal skills
  • When interacting with clients, a marketer needs to have strong interpersonal skills. For example, when disagreements arise between the creative direction and the client’s preferences, interpersonal skills can be used to determine if the client is resolute in their preference, or if there is room to offer justification for the marketing staff’s preferred course of action.
  • Strong interpersonal skills also increase the marketing professional’s ability to convince others to pursue their chosen path for a campaign or project during the planning phase. Interpersonal skills also can make a client feel closer to you and less likely to change marketing firms.


  • Presented marketing pitches to clients and received feedback. Provided explanations for decisions when required and incorporated requested changes
  • Maintained positive morale on marketing team by forging personal bonds with staff and identifying signs of impending burnout or ongoing frustration to avoid errors before they occur
  • Fostered working relationships with clients through recreational business meetings to increase loyalty and maintain working relations


So this is the information about experience in marketing 

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