IPL Points Table 2023 – Stats, Matches, Standings, Rankings

IPL Points Table 2023 : In the IPL Points Table 2023, all ten TATA IPL 2023 teams will battle for first place. After each match, check the Match Highlights and IPL Point Standings from Table 2023. For more information. The most anticipated cricket tournament in India, IPL 2023, will begin on March 31st, 2023. The top team in the IPL Points Table 2023 will battle it out with ten other teams.

All Cricket fans rush to find the IPL Points Table 2023 after the first match of IPL 2023 is kicked off information can be found there. The IPL Points Table 2023 will determine which teams are eligible to compete in the IPL 2023 Final. You’ll get updated IPL point standings after every match, as well as Match Highlights, in this article.

IPL Points Table 2023

From March 31, 2023 until May 28, 2023, a total of 74 matches will be played according to the IPL Schedule 2023. The IPL Points Table 2023 will change dramatically as the matches are played. After each game, we’ll keep you updated on the Match Highlights and IPL Points Standings 2023. The IPL Points Table 2023 First Match will be held on March 31, 2023, at Narendra Modi Stadium between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings.

The race to secure a spot in the Top Four of the IPL Points Table is about to begin. The Gujarat Titans will face the CSK in this year’s TATA IPL 2023 opening match, which they won last year despite facing improbable odds. Learn more about IPL Points Table 2023. The Indian Premier League IPL 2023 will now have ten teams. IPL Points Table 2023 will determine the teams with the best chances of playing in the final and ultimately winning the tournament.

IPL Points Table 2023

IPL Points Table 2023 Details

Conducting Authority Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI)
Name of the Tournament Indian Premier League 2023
IPL 2023 Format T20 or 20 Overs
IPL 2023 Start Date 31 March 2023
IPL 2023 Last Match on 28 May 2023
Host India
Total IPL 2023 Match 74 Matches
IPL 2023 Participating Teams 10 Teams
Category Sports
 Official website www.iplt20.com

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IPL Points Table 2023 Mens

In the IPL 2023 cricket tournament, the IPL Points Table 2023 Mens is a team ranking that will determine a team’s qualification status in the final. League games will be played first, with each team playing the other twice. The top four teams will progress to the knockout rounds, with the winners of each match battling it out in the final.

IPL Points Table 2023 Group

During the league stage of the TATA IPL 2023 Tournament, Group A and Group B will consist of ten teams each. A total of 14 games will be played, with ten teams participating in seven at home and seven away. Once against each other team’s four teams, and twice against each other team’s five teams, each squad will face them all. The top four clubs advance to the playoffs after the conclusion of the league stage. More about IPL Points Table 2023 can be found.

Group A Group B
Rajasthan Royals Gujarat Titans
Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super King
Mumbai Indians Sunrisers Hyderabad
Delhi Capitals Royal Challengers Bangalore
Lucknow Supergiant Punjab Kings

IPL Points Table 2023 Team Wise

Ranking Team Name Played Won Lost Tie NRR Points
Rank 1 Gujarat Titans (GT) 1 1 0 0 0.514 2
Rank 2 Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 1 0 1 0 -0.514 0
Rank 3 Delhi Capitals (DC) 1 0 1 0 -2.500 0
Rank 4 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) 1 0 1 0 -0.438 0
Rank 5 Lucknow Supergiants (LSG) 1 1 0 0 +2.500 2
Rank 6 Mumbai Indians (MI) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rank 7 Punjab Kings (PBKS) 1 1 0 0 +.438 2
Rank 8 Rajasthan Royals (RR) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rank 9 Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rank 10 Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) 0 0 0 0 0 0

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IPL 2023 Matches

Match Date IPL 2023 Matches
31/03/2023 GT VS CSK
01 April 2023 PBKS Vs KKR
01 April 2023 LSG Vs DC
02 April 2023 SRH Vs RR
02 April 2023 RCB Vs MI
03 April 2023 CSK Vs LSG
04 April 2023 DC Vs GT
05 April 2023 RR Vs PBKS
06 April 2023 KKR Vs RCB
07 April 2023 LSG Vs SRH
08 April 2023 RR Vs DC
08 April 2023 MI Vs CSK
09 April 2023 GT Vs KKR
09 April 2023 SRH Vs PBKS
10 April 2023 RCB Vs LSG
11 April 2023 DC Vs MI
12 April 2023 CSK Vs RR
13 April 2023 PBKS Vs GT
14 April 2023 KKR Vs SRH
15 April 2023 RCB Vs DC
15 April 2023 LSG Vs PBKS
16 April 2023 MI Vs KKR
16 April 2023 GT Vs RR
17 April 2023 RCB Vs CSK
18 April 2023 SRH Vs MI
19 April 2023 RR Vs LSG
20 April 2023 PBKS Vs RCB
20 April 2023 DC Vs KKR
21 April 2023 CSK Vs SRH
22 April 2023 LSG Vs GT
22 April 2023 MI Vs PBKS
23 April 2023 RCB Vs RR
23 April 2023 KKR Vs CSK
24 April 2023 SRH Vs DC
25 April 2023 GT Vs MI
26 April 2023 RCB Vs KKR
27 April 2023 RR Vs CSK
28 April 2023 PBKS Vs LSG
29 April 2023 KKR Vs GT
29 April 2023 DC Vs SRH
30 April 2023 CSK Vs PBKS
30 April 2023 MI Vs RR
01 May 2023 LSG Vs RCB
02 May 2023 GT Vs DC
03 May 2023 PBKS Vs MI
04 May 2023 LSG Vs CSK
04 May 2023 SRH Vs KKR
05 May 2023 RR Vs GT
06 May 2023 CSK Vs MI
06 May 2023 DC Vs RCB
07 May 2023 GT Vs LSG
07 May 2023 RR Vs SRH
08 May 2023 KKR Vs PBKS
09 May 2023 MI Vs RCB
10 May 2023 CSK Vs DC
11 May 2023 KKR Vs RR
12 May 2023 MI Vs GT
13 May 2023 SRH Vs LSG
13 May 2023 DC Vs PBKS
14 May 2023 RR Vs RCB
14 May 2023 CSK Vs KKR
15 May 2023 GT Vs SRH
16 May 2023 LSG Vs MI
17 May 2023 PBKS Vs RR
18 May 2023 SRH Vs CSK
19 May 2023 PBKS Vs LSG
20 May 2023 DC Vs SRH
20 May 2023 KKR Vs GT
21 May 2023 MI Vs SRH
21 May 2023 RCB Vs GT

IPL 2023 Stats

  • From March 31, 2023 to May 20, 2023, the Indian Premier League will be played at several venues throughout the country.
  • You must pay attention to the points table mentioned above if you want to know the IPL 2023 Stats.
  • This IPL has ten teams, each with its own ranking based on their performance.
  • The Finals will be played between the top two teams, with one of them capturing the Trophy based on the IPL Points Table.
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Iplt20.com Points Table 2023

  • iplt20.com is now open to all IPL 2023 Points Table viewers who want to see it.
  • Now, on the top of the homepage, you’ll need to tap on the Points Table Link.
  • Wait until the Team Wise Rankings are visible on the following page.
  • View the ranking of your favorite team by checking the IPL Points Table that is visible on the screen.
  • For the most recent changes in the points standings, bookmark this page.
  • You may also check the IPL Points Table at iplt20.com in this manner

IPL 2023 Standings

  • In the Points Table mentioned above, you may see the IPL 2023 standings.
  • On the table, the team with the most wins and highest Run Rate will be ranked first.
  • On the basis of a variety of factors, such as number of matches played and won, the Standings or Rankings may change.
  • The points table is updated or changes are posted here every day, which will be useful to you

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IPL 2023 Team Wise Rankings

Ranking Team Name
Rank 1 Gujarat Titans
Rank 2 Chennai Super Kings
Rank 3 Delhi Capitals
Rank 4 Kolkata Knight Riders
Rank 5 Lucknow Supergiants
Rank 6 Mumbai Indians
Rank 7 Punjab Kings
Rank 8 Rajasthan Royals
Rank 9 Royal Challengers Bangalore
Rank 10 Sunrisers Hyderabad


The IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world, and it’s no surprise that millions of fans around the globe keep a close eye on the points table to see which teams are leading the pack. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the points table for the 2023 IPL season and analyze the final match conclusions. We’ll break down the performance of each team and discuss the factors that led to their position on the points table. So, whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or just curious about the world of IPL, you won’t want to miss this analysis.

IPL Points Table 2023 FAQ’S

What are the factors affecting the IPL 2023 Rankings?

IPL Rankings 2023 are varied on the basis of Matches Played and Matches won.

Which Team is currently on the Top of IPL Points Table 2023?

Gujarat Titans is currently on the Top of IPL Table.

When is the IPL 2023 Final Date?

IPL 2023 Finals will be played in the last week of May 2023.

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