Arjunavishad Yoga first chapter Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Arjunavishad Yoga first chapter -(Calculation and strength statement of the head-knights of the two armies) 

Arjunavishad Yoga first chapter -Dhritarashtra said- O Sanjay! Gathered in Dharmabhoomi Kurukshetra, what did my and Pandu’s sons wishing for war do?

Sanjay said – At that time, King Duryodhana saw the army of Pandavas with astonishment and went to Dronacharya and said this promise.

Hey teacher! Look at this huge army of Panduputras standing by your wise disciple Drupadaputra Dhrishtadyum.

In this army, with big bows and in battle, like Bhima and Arjuna, the mighty Satyaki and Virat and the Maharathi kings Drupada, Dhrishketu and Chekitana and the mighty Kashiraj, Purjuta, Kuntibhoja and the great Shaibya in humans, the mighty Yudhamanu and the mighty Uttamauja, Subhadraputra Abhimanyu and The five sons of Draupadi – they are all maharathis.

O Brahmin Shrestha! You should understand the leaders who are also in your favor. For your information, I tell the commanders of my army.

You- Dronacharya and Pitamah Bhishma and Karna and Sangramvijayi Kripacharya and likewise Bhurishrava, the son of Ashwatthama, Vikarna and Somadatta.

And for me, many knights who have given up hope of life are equipped with many weapons and all are smart in war.

Our army guarded by Bhishma Pitamah is invincible in every way and this army of these people protected by Bhima is able to win.

Therefore, while staying at their respective positions on all fronts, all of you should undoubtedly protect Bhishma Pitamah from all sides.

(Conch-sounding statement of both armies)

Bhishma, the great grandfather of the Kauravas, thundered loudly like a lion’s roar and shouted a conch, in the heart of that Duryodhana.

After this, the conch and the drum and the drum, the mridang and the narasingha, etc., rang simultaneously. His word became very fierce.

Apart from this, Sri Krishna Maharaj and Arjuna also played supernatural shells while sitting in the best chariot with white horses.

Sri Krishna Maharaj named Panchajanya, Arjuna named Devadatta and Bhimsen with terrible deeds played Maha Shankh named Paundra.

Kuntiputra king Yudhishthira called Anantavijaya and Nakula and Sahadeva played conch shells named Sughosh and Manipushpak.

Kashiraj with a great bow and Maharathi Shikhandi and Dhrishtadyumna and Raja Virat and the invincible Satyaki, the five sons of Raja Drupada and Draupadi and Subhadra son of great arm Abhimanyu – all these, O Rajan! Play different conch shells from all sides.

And that terrible word made the heavens and the earth also pierce the hearts of the people of your country, that is, your favors.

Arjunavishad Yoga first chapter -(The subject of military inspection by Arjuna)

Hey Rajan! After this, Kapidhwaja Arjun tied the front, seeing the Dhritarashtra-relatives, lifting the bow while preparing to walk that weapon, said this word to Hrishikesh Shri Krishna Maharaj- O Achutha! Put my chariot between the two armies.
And keep standing until I see these opposition warriors desirous of war in the war zone, with whom I am able to fight in this war form.

Those who are interested in the war of Duryodhana, who have come to this army, I will see these warriors.

Sanjay said – Oh Dhritarashtra! Maharaj Srikrishna Chandra, as stated by Arjuna, placed the best chariot between the two armies in front of Bhishma and Dronacharya and in front of all the kings, thus saying, O Parth! See these Kauravas gathered for war.

After this, the separatist Arjuna saw the Tau-Chachas, the Dad-Pardhas, the Gurus, the Uncles, the brothers, the sons, the grandchildren and the friends, the fathers-in-law, and the brothers also in those two armies.

Seeing the entire brothers present, he uttered this word while mourning Kuntiputra Arjuna with great compassion. The second half of the 27th and the first half of the 28th

Arjunavishad Yoga first chapter -(Arrogance’s cowardice, affection and mourning utterances plagued by fascination)

Arjun said – O Krishna! Seeing this war-torn community in the war zone, my limbs are being relaxed and my face is being drained and my body is shivering and thrilling. The late 28th and 29th
The bow is falling from the hand and the skin is also burning and my mind is getting confused, so I am not able to stand.

Hey Keshav! I am also seeing the opposite of the symptoms and in the war I do not even see welfare by killing the family members.
Hey Krishna! I neither want victory nor state and happiness. Hey Govind! What is the purpose of such a state or benefit from such pleasures and life?

This particular type of wine came out of the churning of the sea

Those for whom the state, enjoyment and happiness are desired, they are the only ones who have left the hope of wealth and life and are standing in war.
There are gurus, tau-chache, boys, and likewise dad, mama, father-in-law, grandson, brother-in-law and more people.
Hey Madhusudan! Even after killing me or even for the kingdom of the three worlds, I do not want to kill them all, then what is there to say for the Earth?

Hey Janardan! What will make us happy by killing Dhritarashtra’s sons? By killing these terrorists, we will incur sin.
Therefore, O Madhav! We are not qualified to kill our own sons of Dhritarashtra because how will we be happy by killing our own family?

Although these people, corrupted by greed, do not see the sin arising out of the destruction of the clan and sin in opposing friends.

O Janardan! Why should not we, who know the faults arising out of the annihilation of clans, think to get rid of this sin?

With the annihilation of the clan, the eternal clan is destroyed and after the annihilation of the religion, sin also spreads in the whole clan.
Hey Krishna! Due to the increase of sin, the women of the family become very corrupt and O Varshney! Varna is produced when women become contaminated.

Strangers are only to take the vassals and the clan to hell. Those who are deprived of the dead bodies and water.

that is, shradh and tarpan, their ancestors also get a downgrade.
Due to these alphabetical defects, the eternal clans and caste religions of the Kulgathis are destroyed.

This particular type of wine came out of the churning of the sea

Hey Janardan! We have been hearing that whose total religion has been destroyed, such humans live in hell indefinitely.
Yes! Mourning! We, being wise, have agreed to commit great sins, who have become ready to kill the kinsmen with greed for the kingdom and happiness.
If I kill an unarmed and non-confronted person in the hands of Dhritarashtra, Rann with the weapon in my hand, then killing him will also be more beneficial for me.
Sanjay said – Arjuna with a heart filled with grief in the battlefield, thus saying, abandoned the unclothed bow and sat in the back of the chariot.

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