Ath Dwadashodhyaya: – Devotional Yoga

Ath Dwadashodhyaya: – Devotional Yoga.

(Subject to the decision of the superiority of the worshipers of the real and the formless, and the remedy for the attainment of God)

Sri Bhagavan said- Concentrating the mind in me, constantly engaged in my bhajan-meditation (ie continuously engaged in me in the manner written in Gita Chapter 11 Verse 55), which devotees worship me with the utmost devotion and worship God to me with full devotion, They accept me as the best yogi among the yogis.

But the men who subdue the community of senses well, without mind and mind, are omnipresent, inexhaustible and always living in constant, constant, immortal, formless, indestructible, saccharidanaghan Brahm, meditating continuously in unison In the interest of ghosts, only Yogis with similar motives are available to me.

In those Sachchidanandaghan formless Brahm, labor is special in the means of men of mind attached to it, because impartial motion is sadly achieved by the deaf people. (Ath Dwadashodhyaya)

But the devotees who are my dear devotees surrender their entire deeds to me and worship God to me with full devotion, with constant devotion. (To know the special feeling of this verse, one should see the Gita chapter 11 verse 55)॥

Hey Arjun! I will soon be the savior of those loving devotees who care about me, from the world and the sea. (Ath Dwadashodhyaya)

I felt in my heart and I thought in my intellect, after that you will live in me, there is no doubt in it.

If you are not able to make the mind immovable in me, then Arjuna! Abhyasarupa (recitation of the name and qualities of God, chanting by recitation of Kirtan, contemplation and breathing, and recitation of the Bhagavatprayanic scriptures, etc. is the name ‘practice’ of recollection for Bhagavatpraan) Desire me to get by yoga.

If you are incapable of the above practice, then only for me to do karma (by sacrificing selfishness and considering God to be the ultimate shelter and the ultimate speed, sati-shiromani with unmatched love, like a woman like mind, voice and body) For God, the name of performing Yajna, Donation and Tappadi for all the duties is called ‘to be a devotee of doing Godly deeds’) In this way, even by doing deeds for my sake, only my attainment form will be attained. (Ath Dwadashodhyaya)

If you are unable to do the above mentioned means, depending on my attainment form of yoga, then being the conqueror of the mind, intellect, etc., renounce the fruits of all actions (see detail in Gita Chapter 9 Verse 27).

Knowledge is superior through practice without knowing the heart, meditation is superior to the nature of my God and through meditation, renunciation of the fruits of all actions (only the man who does Bhagavadhartha karma made love and reverence in the Lord and also the thought of God Remains, therefore carefully called ‘sacrifice of results’ is superior) is excellent, because renunciation immediately brings ultimate peace.

(Symptoms of Bhagavat-acquired men)

A man who is compassionate to all ghosts, devoid of malice, lover of selfless and devoid of self and devoid of affection, devoid of ego, is equal and apologetic in the attainment of happiness and sorrows, that is, he who gives offense to the transgressor and who The yogi is constantly satisfied, subduing the body, including the mind and senses, and is firm in me – he is a devotee of me with my mind and intellect, who is offered in me.

Whereby no living being is attained by udvega and who does not receive udvega from any living being and who is devoid of Harsha, Amarsha (‘Amarsha’, the name of being unhappy after seeing other’s progress), is devoid of fear and euphoria. I love it

The man who is devoid of aspiration, pure from outside (see this in detail in the commentary of Gita Chapter 13 Verse 7) is shrewd, devoid of partiality and untouched by sorrows – my devotee is a lover of all my beginnings.

One who is never cheerful, neither envious, nor mourning, nor wished, and one who renounces all auspicious and inauspicious deeds – that devout man is dear to me.

One who is equal in enemy-friend and respect-insult and even in cold, heat and happiness-sad duality and devoid of attachment.

Whoever believes in condemnation, praises, and in whatever way is always satisfied in the sustenance of the body and is devoid of affection and attachment in the place of living – that steady man of devotion is dear to me.

But those devotees (named ‘Shraddha’, akin to the Vedas, scriptures, Mahatmas and Gurus and the direct belief in the words of God) are men of mine and consume the religious nectar said above with utmost love, they devotees to me very much Dear

om Tatsaditi Shrimad Bhagavadgitasupanishatsu theosophy
Shrikrishnarjunaswade Bhaktiyogho Naam Dwadashodhyaya: ॥12॥

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