Athaikadashodhyaya: – Vishwaroopadarshanayoga

Athaikadashodhyaya: – Vishwaroopadarshanayoga –

(Arjuna’s Prayer for Visions of Vishwaroopa)

Arjun said- This kind of ignorance has been destroyed by the utmost confidential spiritual word of speech that you have said to grace me.

Because O Kamalanetra! I have heard in detail the origin and holocaust of the ghosts from you and have also heard your imperishable glory. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

Oh my god It is just like what you call yourself, but O Purushottam! I want to see your opulence full of knowledge, opulence, strength, strength, semen and glory.

Oh, Lord! (God’s name is ‘Prabhu’ due to origin, position and holocaust and being ruled by intercourse). If I see your form as that which is possible – you believe, O Yogeshwar! Make me see that imperishable form. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

(God describes his world form)

Mr. Bhagavan said- O Partha! Now you see my hundreds and thousands of different types and supernatural forms with different colors and different shapes.

Hey Bharatvanshi Arjun! You see in me the Adityas, the two sons of Aditi, the eight Vasus, the eleventh Rudras, both the Ashwini Kumaras and the forty-nine men, and the wondrous forms they have not seen before. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

Hey Arjun! Now look at the whole world including this pasture located in one place in my body and see everything you want to see. (Gudakesh – Arjuna was named ‘Gudakesh’ after he won sleep over sleeping)

But you are certainly not able to see me through these natural eyes, that is why I give you a divine, supernatural eye, so that you can see my divine yoga power.

(Sanjay’s description of Vishwaroop towards Dhritarashtra)

Sanjay said – Hey Rajan! Mahayogeshwar and the destroyer of all sins, after saying this, showed Arjuna after him as a superlative divine form.

With many faces and eyes, with many amazing visions, with many divine Bhushans and holding many divine weapons and covering the divine smell all over the body, with all kinds of wonders, borderless and everywhere. Arjuna saw Paramdev Parmeshwar as a great example. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

The light produced by the simultaneous rise of a thousand suns in the sky, may also be similar to the light of the divine form of that world.

At that time, Panduputra Arjuna saw a number of divisions, that is, the whole world separately, located in a place in the body of Lord Krishna, the God of Gods

Shocked and surprised by his eternal surprise, Arjuna said with reverence and devotion to the head with reverence and devotion to the light-filled Vishwaroopa Paramatma.

(Seeing and praising Lord Vishwaroopa by Arjuna)

Arjun said – O God! I see in your body the whole Gods and the communities of many ghosts, Brahma on the lotus seat, Mahadev and all the sages and the divine serpents.

O master of the whole world! I see you with many arms, stomach, mouth and eyes and with eternal forms from all sides. Hey Vishwaroop! I see neither your end, nor the middle, nor the beginning.

I see you as Mukutyukta, Gudyukta and Chakrayukta, and on every side the radiant light, the fiery fire and the sun like light, difficult to see and irresistible from all sides.

You are the supreme alphabet that is known, that is, Parambrahma, the Supreme Soul. You are the ultimate shelter of this world, you are the protector of eternal religion and you are the eternal eternal man. This is my opinion (Athaikadashodhyaya)

I will see you without the beginning, the end and the middle, with infinite power, with the eternal arm, the moon-sun as the eyes, the fiery fiery-faced and saturating the world with my glory.

Hey Mahatma! This entire sky and all directions between heaven and earth are one and the same with you, and seeing this supernatural and terrible form of yours, all the three worlds are getting exaggerated.

Those are the groups of deities who enter into you and some frightened hands fold up and pronounce your name and qualities and praise you by the best hymns saying ‘Kalyan Ho’ to the community of Maharishi and Siddhas.

The eleven Rudras and the twelve Adityas and the eight Vasus, Sadhyagnas, Visvadevas, Ashvinikumar and Marudganas and the community of ancestors and communities of Gandharvas, Yakshas, Rakshasas and Siddhas – all of them look at you with astonishment.

Hey mahabaho! Because of your very face and eyes, very hands, thighs and legs, very udder and many molars, everyone is getting distraught and I am also getting distraught, seeing the very great form.

Because O Vishno! I am not able to be patient and calm with fearful conscience, seeing you who touch the sky, resplendent, with many varnas, and with wide eyes and radiant huge eyes.

I do not know the directions and do not get happiness even after seeing your faces ignited like the fire of the vicious and doomsday due to molars. Therefore, O Devesh! Hey Jagannivas! You are happy

They are all entering you including the community of kings, sons of Dhritarashtra and all of you, including Bhishma Pitamah, Dronacharya and the great warriors of Karna and our side, are running with great speed in the terrifying faces due to your molar And many are seen lying between your teeth, including the ends of a powder.

Just as many rivers of water naturally run in front of the sea, that is, they enter the sea, in the same way, the heroes of Narlok are also entering your blazing faces.

Just as the kites enter the fiery fire to destroy the temptation, in the same way, all these people are also entering their mouths running with extreme speed to destroy them

You are licking those entire worlds by burning faces, licking them from all over again and again. Hey Vishno! Your fiery light is filling the whole world with light by fasting. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

Tell me who you are as a rascal? O best of gods! Hello to you You be happy Adi men I want to know you specifically because I do not know your instinct.

(Describing his influence by God and encouraging Arjuna to battle)

Shri Bhagavan said – I am a great Mahakala who destroys the realms. At this time I have tended to destroy these worlds. Therefore, the warriors who are in the army of the counterparties will not live without you, that is, even if you do not fight, they will all be destroyed.

So you wake up! Enjoying a kingdom full of money and wealth by attaining fame and conquering enemies. All these knights are already killed by me. Hey Satyachin! (Arjuna’s name was ‘Savyasachi’ due to the practice of shooting the arrow with the left hand).

You kill Dronacharya and Bhishma Pitamah and Jayadratha and Karna and many more brave warriors who have been killed by me. Do not be afraid. You will undoubtedly win the warriors in battle. Therefore, make war.

(Arjuna, frightened, praying to praise God and to see the quadrilateral form)

Sanjay said – Hearing this word of Lord Keshav, the crowned Arjuna bowed with folded hands and greeted with trembling, yet very frightened and bowed with utterance to Lord Krishna.

Raju said – Hey Antarymin! It is worthy that the world is overjoyed due to the kirtan of your name, virtue and influence and Anurag is also receiving and fearful demons are running in directions and greeting communities of all siddhantas.

Hey Mahatma! How should they not salute Brahma’s leader and eldest for you because you are eternal! Hey Devesh! Hey Jagannivas! It is you who is Satya, Asatta and beyond that is the letter i.e. Sachchidanandaghan Brahm. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

You are Addev and Sanatan Purush, you are the ultimate shelter and the knowable and knowable and supreme abode of these worlds. Hey! All this world is full of you i.e. full

You are also the father of Vayu, Yamaraja, Agni, Varuna, Moon, Lord of the subjects Brahma and Brahma. Hello for you thousands of times! Hello !! Hello again and again for you! Hi!!.

O everlasting power! Hello from front and back for you too! Hey all! Greetings from all sides for you, because the eternal mighty you are spreading the whole world, by which you are the form.

Not knowing this effect of you, assuming you are my friend, either with love or with love, I said ‘O Krishna!’, ‘O Yadav!’ “Hey friend!” In this way, whatever is said randomly and O infallible! You who have humiliated me for humor, in viharas, beds, asanas and bhojnadi alone or even in front of those Sakhas – I forgive you for all the crime that is irresponsible.

You are the father of this pasture world and the eldest guru and very revered. Hey, one with great effects! There is no one like you in the three worlds, then how can there be more?

Therefore, Lord! I pray you to please God, praiseworthy, by bowing to the body in good steps, bowing down. Hey, God! A father like a son, a sakha like a sakha and a husband like a sweetheart bear the guilt of a wife – in the same way you too are able to bear my crime.

I am delighted to see this amazing form you have not seen before, and my mind is getting very distraught with fear, so you should show me your own quadrilateral Vishnu form. Hey Devesh! Hey Jagannivas! Be happy॥ (Athaikadashodhyaya)

I like to see you holding a crown and holding mace and chakra in your hand. Therefore, O worldview! Hey Sahasrabaho! You appear in the same quadrant form.

(The statement of the glory of the vision of his worldview by God and the showing of the quadrilateral and the benign form)

Shri Bhagavan said- O Arjuna! Gracefully I have shown this to you with the help of my yogic power, my supreme illumination, all etc., and without limitless form, which no one other than you had seen before.

Hey Arjun! In the world of human beings, in this way, I can be seen by the study of Vedas and Yajnas, neither by charity, nor by actions, nor by fiery asceticism, other than you.

You should not be distraught and foolish, seeing this kind of vile form of me. You become fearless and loving minded, and see this quadrangular form of my conch-chakra-mace-Padma.

Sanjay said – Vasudev God showed his quadrilateral form in the same way by saying this to Arjuna and then Mahatma Shri Krishna endured this frightened Arjuna by becoming a gentleman.

(The statement of the rarity of the quadrilateral form without exclusive devotion and the resultant exclusive devotion)

Arjun said – O Janardan! Seeing this very human form of yours, I have become stable now and have attained my natural state.

Lord Bhagavan said – My quadrilateral form that you have seen is beautiful, that is, its philosophy is very rare. Gods always aspire to see this form.

Just as you have seen me – thus I can be seen with the quadrilateral form neither from the Vedas, nor from tenacity, nor from charity nor from sacrifice. (Athaikadashodhyaya)

But oh my dear Arjun! Through the unique devotion (the sense of uniqueness is explained in detail in the next verse), I am also empowered to see directly, to know directly from the element, and to enter, that is, to receive from one another.

Hey Arjun! The man who performs all the duties for me only, is my lover, is a devotee of mine, is devoid of devotion and is devoid of envy among all the ghosts (everywhere the person who commits blasphemy does not have rage even in the very transgressor of that man It is, then what else is there to say in others), I am the only person who is uniquely devoted to me.

om Tatsaditi Shrimad Bhagavadgitasupanishatsu theosophy
Shrikrishnarajunaswade Vishwaroopadarshanayogam namaikadoshodhyay:॥

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