Daivasura Sampadbhagya Yoga – Sixteenth Chapter

Daivasura Sampadbhagya Yoga – Sixteenth Chapter.

Statement of divine and devilish property

Lord Bhagavan said – Total lack of fear, complete cleanness of conscience, constant determination in meditation yoga for philosophy (constant knowledge of the divine position in one form in the form of Sachchidanandaghan divine to know the nature of God from the element). Gyanayoga systematics’ must be understood) and Sattvic charity (which is expanded in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 20), suppression of the senses, worship of God, deity and gurus and conduct of best deeds such as Agnihotra and reading and reading of Vedas and scriptures of God. Kirtan of name and virtues, suffering for self-righteousness and simplicity of conscience, including body and senses.

Do not disturb anyone in any way from the mind, speech and body, the name of saying in the same words as true and dear speech (as decided by the conscience and senses, is ‘Satyabhukana’), your disservice Lack of anger even on the doer, renunciation of the presumption of karma in the deeds, overhead of conscience, i.e. lack of mindfulness, not blasphemy, compassion for all the ghosts, even if the senses are coincidental with the subjects. Absence of attachment, tenderness, shame and lack of vain efforts in conduct against folk and scripture.

Tej (‘Tej’ is the name of the power of superior men, due to which, even the men of sensual and low nature in front of them often stop indecisively and tend to their best deeds according to their statement), forgiveness, patience, purification of the outside (Gita Chapter 13 should see the commentary of Verse 7) And there is no lack of enmity in anyone and lack of pride of veneration – all these, O Arjuna! These are the symptoms of a male born with divine wealth.

Hey Parth! Pride, pride and pride and anger, hardness and ignorance – all these are the symptoms of a man born with demonic wealth.

Divine wealth is believed to be liberated and devilish property is tied. Therefore, O Arjuna! Do not grieve, because you have been born with divine wealth.

Characteristics of demonic possessions and the statement of their downfall (Daivasura Sampadbhagya Yoga – Sixteenth Chapter)

Hey Arjun! In this world, there is only two types of creation of ghosts i.e. human community, one is divine nature and the other is devilish nature. Among them, it was said in detail about the divine nature, now you also hear the human community of devilish nature in detail.

Human beings with a bad temperament do not know these two trends and retirement. Therefore, there is neither outward or inward purification, nor best practice nor true speech.

Those humans with devilish nature say that the world is born without any dependence, completely untrue and without God, only by the combination of men and women, so only work is the reason for it. What else is there?

By obeying this false knowledge – those who have lost their nature and whose intellect is slow, all those cruel human beings are capable of destroying the world only.

Those humans with arrogance, honor and item take a shelter from unfulfilled wishes in any way, accepting false doctrines from ignorance and wearing corrupt practices, they go into the world.

And they are the ones who take shelter of innumerable worries after death, who are ready to enjoy their lives and believe in this way ‘there is so much happiness’.

They, bound by hundreds of hopeful traps, try to collect unaccounted money for the enjoyment of the subject of the anger of sex and anger.

They think that I have achieved this today and will get this desire now. I have so much money and yet it will be done.

That enemy was killed by me and I will kill those other enemies also. I am God, I am going to suffer the opulence. I am full of all abilities and am strong and happy.

I am very rich and big family. Who’s the other one like me? I will perform yagya, donate and amusement. In this way, those who are fascinated by ignorance and with many types of confused mind, are entranced by a moharupa net and very enamored with them, they fall into a great unholy hell.

They consider themselves to be superior, arrogant men, with the item of wealth and honor, do the Yajna of only nominal Yajnas, from the hypocrisy.

Those men of arrogance, force, pride, desire and anger, and blasphemy of others, are disgusted with my inner self located in their own and others’ bodies.

I put those malicious sinners and cruel workers in the world again and again in devilish vagaries.

Hey Arjun! Those fools do not get to me only when they get devilish vagina in their birth, then they also get very low speed, that is, they fall into extreme hells.

Inspiration for renouncing scriptural practices and scholarly practices (Daivasura Sampadbhagya Yoga – Sixteenth Chapter)

Kama, anger and greed – these are the three kinds of gates of hell (being the origin of all evils and being in the attainment of hell, here Kama, anger and greed are called ‘gates of hell’). Are about to be taken. Therefore, all three should be discarded.

Hey Arjun! A man free from these three gates of hell conducts his welfare (to conduct himself according to the Bhagavad Gyan ‘is to conduct his own welfare’), he goes to the Supreme Soul, that is, I receive it.

The man who abandons the Shastra method and conducts arbitrary with his will, he attains neither accomplishment nor perfection nor happiness.

From this, scripture is the proof for you in this system of duty and akartavya. Knowing this, you are only able to do the work assigned by the scripture method.

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