Gyan Vigyan Yoga seventh chapter Shrimad Bhagwadgita

The subject of knowledge including science Gyan Vigyan Yoga seventh chapter


Gyan Vigyan Yoga seventh chapter -Mr. Bhagavan said- O Partha! Engaged in yoga with my love filled with exclusive love and my love with a unique feeling, listen to the way that you will be confused with all the qualities of the entire beauty, power and greatness.

I will completely say for you the basic knowledge, including this science, knowing that nothing else remains to be known in the world.

Among thousands of human beings, one works hard for my attainment, and among those yogis who are diligent, I am a stranger and knows me from the element, that is, realistically.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, Mind, Wisdom and Ego as well – thus it is my nature divided by eight types. This is the placenta, my root nature, with eight kinds of distinctions and oh my greatness! From this to the other, from which this entire world is held, know my life form, that is, the conscious nature.

Hey Arjun! You understand that the entire ghost is going to originate from these two forms and I am the influence and destiny of the whole world, that is, the root cause of the whole world.

Hey Dhananjay! There is no ultimate reason other than me. This whole world is interwoven with me in the sutra like the beads of the sutra.

The statement of the prevalence of God by reason in all things

Hey Arjun! I am the juice in the water, I am the light in the moon and the sun, I am omnipresent in the whole Vedas, the words in the sky and the masculinity in men.

I am sacred in the earth (in this context from words, touch, form, juice, smell, because of them, the form of the Tanmatras is eclipsed, to explain this, the sacred word has been associated with them.) I am sharp in smell and fire and all I am his life in ghosts and I am penance among ascetics.

Hey Arjun! You know me, the eternal seed of all the ghosts. I am the intellect of the wise, and the glory of those who are sharp.

Hey Bharatshrestha! I am a force devoid of attachment and desires of the strong, that is, strength and all the ghosts are compatible with the religion, the work of the scriptures.

Moreover, the sentiments arising out of Sattva Guna and those which come from Rajo Guna are known to you as ‘I am going to be from me’, but in reality (see Gita A. 9 verses 4-5). I am in them and they are not in me.

Condemnation of demonic nature and praise of Gods

Sattvik, Rajas and Tamas, the functions of the qualities – the whole world is being fascinated by these three types of emotions – therefore, I do not know the imperishable beyond these three qualities.

Because this supernatural means very wonderful Trigunmayi my illusion is very difficult, but the men who only send me continuously, they violate this illusion, that is, they are permeated by the world.

Those whose knowledge has been defeated by Maya, while holding such a sedentary nature, foolish people who do inferior, polluted deeds in humans, do not worship me.

O Arjuna, the best among Bharatvanshis! There are four types of devout people who worship me for doing good deeds, Arthari (worshiper for earthly things), Aarta (one who is praying for distress), inquisitive (one who wants to know me realistically) and Jnani.

Among them, a knowledgeable devotee with exclusive love and affection is always very good in me, because I am very dear to the knowledgeable person who knows me from the element and I am very dear to that knowledgeable person.

These are all generous, but the knowledgeable person is my form – it is my opinion because that knowledgeable devotee with a good mind and intellect is well placed in me at a very good pace.

In the birth of the end of many births, men are those who have attained the knowledge of knowledge, everything is Vasudeva – this kind of pleases me, that Mahatma is very rare.

The subject of worship of other gods

Those people whose knowledge has been defeated by the desire for those pleasures are inspired by their nature and by applying that rule, they worship other gods, that is, they worship.

Whatever devotion the devotee wishes to worship with devotion, whatever kind of devotion, I establish the devotion of that devotee to the same deity.

The man worships that deity with full devotion and undoubtedly receives those desired pleasures made by me from that deity.

But that fruit of those little intellectuals is perishable and they are received by the deities who worship the gods, and as soon as my devotees are worshiped, in the end they are received by me only.

The condemnation of those who do not know the influence and nature of God and the glory of those who know

Without knowing my perfect imperishable absolute sense of wisdom, beyond my mind and senses, I believe that God has attained the person’s spirit by being born like a human being.

Hidden from my Yogmaya, I am not visible to everyone, so this ignorant population does not know the imperishable God who is born to me, that is, I consider me to be born and die.

Hey Arjun! I know all the ghosts that have passed in the past and are present and going forward, but I do not know any devout and devout man.

Hey Bharatvanshi Arjun! In the world, all the beings are getting very ignorant due to the desire-misery and conflict created by the attachment of duality and misery.

But the men whose sins have been destroyed, who have done the best deeds in a sinless way, are determined to be free from attachment to the raga-malicious dualism, and the devout devotees worship me in every way.

Those men who try to get rid of my life with a little bit of death and death, those men know that Brahma, all spirituality, all karma.

Those men who know me even in the last, including those who are overwhelmed and overbearing and with knowledge (the soul form of everyone), know those men of knowledge who know me, that is, they are attained. (Gyan Vigyan Yoga seventh chapter)

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