Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter Shrimad Bhagwadgita

Effect of God and the subject of Karmayog -Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter


Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter –Sri Bhagavan said- I told this imperishable yoga to Surya, Surya told his son Vaivasvata Manu and Manu told his son King Ikshvaku

Hey Parantap Arjun! In this way, the rajaris learned this yoga received from the tradition, but after that, this yoga has been endangered on this earth for a long time.

You are my devotee and dear friend, that’s why I have told you this ancient yoga today because it is a very good secret, that is a subject to be kept secret.
Arjun said – Your birth is archaic – it is very recent and the birth of the sun is very old, that is, it was born at the beginning of the cycle. Then how do I understand that you said this yoga to the Sun at the beginning of the cycle?

Shree Bhagwan said – O parantap Arjun! Many births have taken place between me and you. You do not know them all, but I know them.

Despite being unborn and imperishable and being the God of all beings, I subjugate my nature and manifest myself from my yogamaya.

Hey India! Whenever there is loss of religion and increase of unrighteousness, then and only then I create my form, that is, I appear in front of people in the form of realization.

In order to save the saintly men, to destroy those who commit sins and to establish the religion well, I have appeared in every age.

Hey Arjun! My birth and deeds are divine ie pure and supernatural – thus those who are the ultimate speed and ultimate shelter from the human element (Almighty, Sachchidanandan, the divine aja, the imperishable and the all-powerful, are only to establish religion and save the world. Yogamaya manifests manifoldly.
Therefore, like God, there is no one who is a heart, a lover and a holy person, who believes that a man who constantly delights in the unquenchable world of God’s exclusive love, knows him by the element.) He knows that by renouncing the body, Then birth is not attained, but only I get it.

Even before, many of my devotees, whose melody, fear and anger were completely destroyed and who resided in me with a loving love, have been purified by the above mentioned form of knowledge and have attained my form.

Hey Arjun! The way the devotees worship me, I also worship them in the same way, because all human beings follow my path in all ways.

In this human world, people who want the fruits of karma worship the deities because they get the accomplishment arising out of their deeds.

Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra – The group of these four varnas is composed by me departmentally of virtues and deeds. In this way, despite being the doer of that creation-creation work, you know that I am truly indestructible.

My fruit is not in the fruits of actions, so do not indulge me with karma – thus who knows me from the element, he is also not bound by actions.

In the past, Mumukhus have also done deeds knowing this way, so you too should do the deeds perpetually performed by the ancestors.

What is karma? And what is the ruckus? Thuswise men are also fascinated in deciding this. Therefore, I will explain to you the karmatattva well, knowing that you will be freed from inauspicious means.

You should also know the nature of karma and also the nature of depression and the nature of sin should also be known because the pace of karma is intense.

A man who sees action in action and one who sees action in action is wise among humans and a yogi is the one who performs all actions.

Yogi Mahatma conduct of men and his glory (Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter)

A man whose entire scriptural actions are without desire and determination and whose entire deeds have been consumed by the fire of knowledge, is also known as a learned scholar.

A man who has been completely devoid of worldly renunciation of attachment in all deeds and in its fruits and is eternally satisfied in the divine does not really do anything even though he is well-versed in deeds.

Whose body with conscience and senses is won and who has renounced the contents of all the pleasures, such a hopeless man does not get sins even by doing only body-related deeds.

One who is always satisfied in a self-attained substance without a will, in which there has been a complete lack of jealousy, which has become completely past due to duality etc. Neither confides with them.

Whose attachment has been completely destroyed, which has become devoid of deism and affection, whose mind remains in the knowledge of God continuously – such that the entire deeds of a person who works only for the performance of the yajna merge well.

The statement of the individual yagyas that resul (Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter)

In the Yajna where the offering is also Brahm, and Brahm is also Brahm and the form of offering fire to Brahm is also Brahm and the action is also Brahm, to be sacrificed by Brahmarupa Kartha in Brahmarupa Agni – The fruit that is obtained by the Yogi living in that Brahma Karma is also Brahma only. Huh.

Other yogis perform rituals of the Yajna in the form of the worship of the deities and other yogis perform the Havana Yogya in the divine form of fire, in the divine form of fire, through the Abhaya Darshanarupa Yajna. (To be situated in harmony with knowledge in the Supreme God is to perform the Havana in the Brahmin form of the fire by sacrificial fire.)

Other yogis perform Havan in the fire of all senses, like Srotra etc. and other Yogis perform Havan in the fire in the form of senses.

The other yogis perform the entire activities of the senses and all the actions of the soul in the fire of self-restrained yoga form illuminated with knowledge (except Sachchidanandaghan God is to do havana of all of them.)

Many men are going to perform Yajna related to matter, how many people are going to perform austerities, and how many are to perform Yogarup Yajna, how many willing men with non-violent acrobatics are self-knowledgeers

How many other Yogis perform Havan in the air of Pranavayu, in the same way that other Yogis do Havan of the Pranavayu in Pranavayu, and how many other Pranayam Paryanas who perform regular diet (see in Gita Chapter 6 Verse 17.) By stopping the movement of the soul, people perform the Havan in the life itself. All these seekers are going to destroy sins by knowing the yagyas and knowing the yagyas.

O Kushreshtha Arjuna! Yogis, who experience the remaining nectar from the sacrificial fire, are attained by the Sanatan Parabrahma, the Supreme Soul. And for a man who does not sacrifice, even this human world is not soothing, then how can the hereafter be pleasing?

Similarly, many other types of yajna are said in detail in the Vedas. Knowing all those who are accomplished by the action of mind, sense and body, by knowing this element, you will be completely free from the bondage of karma by their rituals.

Glory of knowledge (Gyanakarma Sannyasoga Fourth chapter)

O Parantap Arjun! Jnana Yajna is much better than the Yajmaya Yajna and only complete karmas end in knowledge.

You will understand that knowledge by going to metaphysics, by offering them obeisance, worshiping them, and leaving the question easily, they will teach you that metaphysical knowledge, knowing that the divine element is well.

Knowing whom you will not receive such fascination again, and O Arjuna! The knowledge by which you will see the entire ghosts before you in your mind (in Gita Chapter 6 Verse 29.) And after me, I will see in my true God. (Gita should be seen in chapter 6 verse 30.)

If you are going to commit more sin than all other sinners, then you will surely be completely satisfied with the whole sin-sea by the boat of knowledge.

Because, O Arjuna! Just as the burning fire consumes the fuels, in the same way, the fire of knowledge ignites all the deeds.

There is no doubt that there is a purifier like knowledge in this world. How many times that knowledge has been purified by Karmayog, a person automatically gets it in the soul.

Jeetendri a resourceful and faithful man attains enlightenment and by attaining enlightenment, he attains ultimate peace without delay – immediately in the form of God.

Hey Dhananjay! One who has surrendered all the karmas to the divine by the method of Karmayoga and who has destroyed all the judgments by the conscience does not tie karma to a man of conscience under such control.

Therefore, O Bharatvanshi Arjuna! Thou shalt be ignorant of your doubt located in the heart, piercing it with the sword, and be situated in the identical Karmayoga and stand for war.

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