Quality department – chapter fourteenth

The glory of knowledge and the origin of the world from the man of nature (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

Shri Bhagavan said – I will again say the very best knowledge in knowledge, knowing that all the sages have been liberated from this world and attained their ultimate attainment.

By acquiring this knowledge, that is, by wearing it, men who have attained my form are not regenerated in the beginning of the universe and are not disturbed even during the Holocaust. (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

Hey Arjun! My great importance is the vagina of all the ghosts, that is the place of conception, and I place the womb as a conscious community in that vagina. All ghosts arise due to the coincidence of that root-conscious.

Hey Arjun! In all the different types of births, as many idols, ie, living beings are produced, nature is the mother of all those who conceives and I am the father to establish the seed.

Sat, Raj, Tama – the subject of all three qualities


Hey Arjun! Sattva guna, Rajoguna, and Tamoguna – these three qualities produced by nature bind the indestructible soul in the body.

O sinless! Sattva guna in those three qualities, being pure, is light and devoid of disorder, he binds with the relation of happiness and knowledge, that is, with his pride. (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

Hey Arjun! Wish Ragroop Rajoguna and know the resulting feelings of attachment. He binds this individual with respect to deeds and their fruits.

Hey Arjun! Knowing the nature of ignorance that enchants all the deaf people, is born of ignorance. He binds this individual soul by pramad (the name of the vain gestures of senses and conscience is ‘pramad’), laziness (nirudyamaprutta nirudyamata in duty deed is ‘laziness’) and sleep. (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

Hey Arjun! Sattvaguna is applied in happiness and Rajoguna is covered in karma and tamogun also covers knowledge and also in pramad.

Hey Arjun! Rajoguna by suppressing Sattvaguna, Sattvaguna and Tamoguna by pressing Rajoguna and Tamoguna, similarly Tamaguna is there by pressing Sattvaguna and Rajoguna i.e. increases.

At the time when consciousness and wisdom power arises in this body and in the senses and senses, at that time it should be known that Sattva guna has increased.

Hey Arjun! With the rise of Rajoguna, greed, tendency, selfishness, karma begins with a lack of action, unrest and longing for material pleasures – all of these arise.

Hey Arjun! On the rise of Tamoguna, the conscience and the unpronouncement in the senses, the non-fulfillment of the duties and deeds, that is, the vain gestures and the siren circles of sleepless conscience – all these arise. (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

When this man attains death in the growth of Sattva Guna, then the pure divine heavenly people of those who do good deeds are attained.

On the rise of Rajoguna, death is produced in humans with attachment to deeds, and on the increase of Tamogun, a dead person is born in insects, animals etc.

Saatvik means superior work, it is said to be the pure fruit of happiness, knowledge and renunciation, fruit of Rajas karma is said to be the fruit of sorrow and Tamas karma is ignorance.

Sattva guna generates knowledge and Rajoguna produces undue greed and tamoguna produces pramad (must be seen in verse 13 of the same chapter) and fascination (must be seen in verse 13 of the same chapter) and ignorance also occurs.

Men located in Sattvaguna go to the higher realms, Rajas men located in Rajoguna live in the middle i.e. in the human world, and Tamas in the working of the tamoguna, the Tamas Purusha Adhogi situated in sleep, happiness and sloth, that is, insects, animals etc. Receives

Remedies for Bhagavata and the symptoms of male multiplication (Quality department – chapter fourteenth)

The time when the vision does not see anyone other than the three qualities, and beyond the three qualities, I know God with an element of truth beyond truth, at that time he attains my form.

Arjun said – With these three qualities, what kind of symptoms does a man have in the past and what kind of behavior is he having and O Lord! By what means does a man get past these three qualities?

Shri Bhagavan said- O Arjuna! The male who is a function of the Sattva Guna (lack of laziness to the conscience and sensuality, which is a kind of consciousness, its name is ‘Prakash’) and the functional tendency of Rajoguna and the functional nature of Tamoguna (plurality of sleep and laziness, etc.) Here, one should understand the name of ‘Moh’ in the conscience and sense of power in the senses) also neither envy them when they are in instinct nor aspire to them when they are retired. (A man who has been in a true, self-centered, eternal, unified nature, has been completely past the world in the form of this Trigunmayi Maya, in the arrogant conscience of that multiplicated man, the functions of the three qualities, the manifestation of light, tendency and Mohaadi vritti If there is no desire, malice etc. disorders in any period, this is the main symptom of being past with its qualities).

One cannot be distracted by virtues which are situated like a witness, and the qualities are to be practiced in the qualities (including the conscience arising from the Trigunmayi Maya, the senses have to ‘perish in their respective subjects’) in the sense of being. The one who is situated in the unity of the truth and never deviates from that position.

One who is constantly in the spirit of self, who considers sorrow and happiness alike, is equal in clay, stone and gold, who considers the knowledgeable, the beloved and the unpleasant alike, and in his blasphemy is also equal.

The one who is equal in respect and humiliation, is also in favor of friend and varie, and is devoid of the pride of subjectivity in the whole beginning, he is called Purusha Gunateet.

And the man who constantly worships me through devotional devotional yoga (only one Almighty God Vasudeva considers God as his master, abandoning selfishness and pride and constantly thinking with supreme love with reverence and sentiment, called ‘unobtrusive bhakti yoga’), He too becomes well qualified to attain the Sachchidanandaghan Brahma by transcending these three qualities very well.

Because I am the shelter of that imperishable Parbrahma and of the nectar, and of the eternal religion, and of unending harmony.

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