Honest Thief story of know in detail

Story of Honest Thief – It is a matter of some time ago that a small boy whose name was Suresh one day tells his mother that mother teach me to steal, on that matter his mother said that son, people take training to become a doctor engineer and you are a thief. What is this habit you are taking, the son said mother, every person in the world is right in his place, a butcher keeps some goats and after that, he sells them after slaughtering them, this is also a wrong thing but he does not want to feed his stomach.

For this, it works, but I will never kill anyone by stealing and he insists a lot on his mother and says that after hearing this I will steal, his mother said, the son should go from the kitchen and bring a plate and put it in it. After filling water and hanging it on top, Suresh asks why did you get me to do this work.

Story of Honest Thief


Mother said that at the time when the son steals this plate, then at that time he will become fit to be a thief. His mother gets to know because he spills water and falls on his mother and his mother wakes up and he is caught. Some time passes and Suresh keeps trying like this but he is caught every day. By doing this he becomes 24 years old, it was winter time Suresh was sitting in front of the fire and shaking with his hand, he thought why not put this ash inside that water and the ash absorbs the water completely.

Will take and I will steal the plate, Suresh does the same and he steals the plate very easily in the morning when his mother sees that plate, the plate would have disappeared only then Ramesh comes laughing and says Mother saw my wonder, I have finally done this work, mother, now I can become a thief, mother said yes you can become a thief.

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One day the police were looking after Suresh, the thief ran away and hid in the ashram of a monk when after a while all the sadhus leave the ashram, then a monk asked who are you son and what are you doing there. Then Suresh says with folded hands, Baba, I am a thief and the police are behind me, they save me, the monk said, son, why don’t you leave this work, the thief said no, Baba Ji, I cannot leave my family’s stomach with this work.

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It is good to be a monk, then you will accept my one thing, still do not lie, always tell the truth, the thief said ok baba Ji if you have spoken then I will never lie and then Suresh leaves from there a very big one in the same city Seth used to live there and not Ramesh, and Ramesh went to Seth’s house and stole 4 diamonds, when Seth came to know about this, he told his servant to go and see what was stolen there. When a diamond is left, then greed comes into the mind of that servant and he himself steals a diamond and goes and tells Seth, Maharaj Ji, there is not a single diamond there. At that time, Seth calls all his servants and among them, Suresh is also present there, Seth says who amongst all of you has stolen

When Suresh heard this, he remembered that thing of Sadhu Baba, never lie in this life and Suresh said that sir I have stolen and then everyone started looking at the thief, Seth said why did you steal He said sir, this is my job, Seth said, what did you steal, the thief said, sir, I have stolen four heroes, Seth said, do not lie, you have stolen five diamonds, Suresh said, sir, I have stolen only four diamonds, if I had to tell a lie, then I would do this Doesn’t say I stole,

Seth understood that the servant had stolen, Seth got the servant arrested by asking the police and told Suresh that she did not understand one thing when you had stolen, how did you tell me so easily that You have committed theft Suresh said sir, I was told by a sage that never lies in life, always tell the truth and I told the truth on his behest.

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Seth said you are a thief, you have committed theft, it is a crime but you have accepted your crime by telling the truth, I forgive you, we give you the position of our scribe because you speak the truth even though you are a thief and for some days scribe was stealing in my house.

Suresh does not speak, sir, I cannot do this job because I obeyed one thing of Sadhu Baba, because of this I started getting jobs, now I will be in his shelter, he always gives good knowledge and starts living happily. (Story of Honest Thief)

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What do we learn from this story?

This story tells us that one should never lie in life because human being tells hundreds of lies to hide one lie so never lie if you are doing any wrong thing in life and you don’t realize that Work is wrong but if you do not take the help of lies and do that work with honesty then you are a true person at heart Honesty is such art by which you can conquer the whole world This art is not inside every human being But the person who is inside is the most successful person in this world, so always follow the path of honesty and righteousness to move forward in life, if today you are not able to do anything in life but if you are with honesty If you do your work, then one day you will definitely get success. (Story of Honest Thief)

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