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COVID 19: How to increase oxygen level at home, know

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COVID 19: How to increase oxygen level at home

oxygen level at home –Coronavirus infection weakens the lungs. In this era, where it is necessary to increase immunity power, it is also important to keep the lungs safe and strong and the most important is to increase the oxygen level inside the body. When the oxygen level is low, the quickest and worst effect is on our immunity. In this situation, any virus and bacteria can quickly dominate our body. In such a situation, if there is no serious problem, then you can get relief by increasing your oxygen level with some yoga tips at home.

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Note: Corona patients should do any Yogasan on the advice of the doctor.
First of all, you should stay in a ventilated room, ie, where there is a flow of sun and air.
1. Do the opposite of Anulom: While doing Pranayama, do 3 actions- 1. Complement, 2. Kumbhak and 3. Rechak. This is called the Hathayogi practice, the Vritti Vritti, and the Vritti Vritti. it is Anulom and Antonym. This is the initial action of the Nadisodhan Pranayama. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes.

(1) Complement – That is, the action of inhaling at a controlled speed is called complement. When you inhale slowly or steadily both ways, then it is necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

(2) Kumbhak- Kumbhak is the process of stopping the breathing inside as per the speed. The process of stopping the breath inside, leaving the inner Kumbhak and breathing out again, and not stopping again for some time is called the external Kumbha. It is also necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

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(3) Laxative- The action of exhaling the inhaled breath is called laxative. When breathing exits either slowly or steadily, it is necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

2. Eat air: Eating air means eating air. Intentionally ingesting air from the throat into the food pipe. This air will immediately return as Dakar. While swallowing air, the thrust is on the throat and through the food pipe, the air goes back to the stomach and returns again. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Makarasan: Makarasan is counted in rugs lying on the stomach. In the last stage of this posture, the shape of our body looks like a crocodile, which is why it is called Makarasan. By this, the obstruction of the movement of the breath ends and one feels peace.

There is so much difference between the two feet that it touches the ground. Keep Sina lifted from the ground. After making the scissors-like shape of both hands, keep the head in the middle. Breathing may be a natural state. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes. This asana is done in many ways. You can also take a deep breath by lying down, keeping your elbow on the ground, and supporting the chin with your palm.

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Benefits: Makarasan comes under comfortable asanas. Whenever this asana is done by lying on the stomach, the speed of breathing increases, Makarasana is practiced to bring the breathlessness to the natural state. During this time you draw and release long breaths. By doing this, the lungs start functioning fully and the oxygen level is maintained in the body.

On the other hand, air-eating activity purifies and strengthens the food pipe. This also makes the lungs pure and strong. Do this activity in pure air and if there is any type of problem in the throat, do not do it. In the same way, fear and tension of the mind are eradicate by doing Anulom and Antonym and all types of the pulse also get health benefits. This causes the dirt to accumulate in the lungs and the lungs to become strong.

Note: Corona patients should do any Yogasan on the advice of the doctor.

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