14 amazing benefits of taking a yoga bath

There are many stages of a yoga bath. Taking bath according to yoga once in a month keeps the body fresh and young again, and it eliminates fatigue, anxiety, diseases, bereavement, depression, wrinkles etc. Nowadays its prevalence in yoga resorts has increased, but you can do it at home if you want.

Why should you take a yoga bath:

There are millions of follicles in our skin from which perspiration continues. While these follicles need plenty of oxygen, they also need nutritious ingredients, but the scum that accumulates on our skin daily with dust, grime, fumes and perspiration eradicates the beauty and aura of our skin. Bathing does the job of cleaning the skin. Types and advantages of bathing have been described in Yoga and Ayurveda. While bathing for a long time and well being reduces fatigue and stress, it also proves beneficial for health by processing the mind.

What is a yoga bath?

1. The medicinal combination of aroma, touch, light and oil removes all physical and mental disorders. It is also called Ayurvedic or Spa Bath.

2. There are many stages of this bath. Many methods are adopted at these stages such as Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Swedam and Lepan.

3. Before this, if you want, you can also adopt Yoga Panchakarma. Panchakarma means purification of the body with five types of work. These are the five functions – vomit, virechan, basti-anusavana, basti-baasthan and nasya.

How to do a yoga bath:

1. Yoga baths are to be done in many ways- inner and outer baths with sunbath, steambath, panchakarma and mud, ubtaan, water and dhoti etc. In many diseases, yoga practitioners recommend doing this.

2. There are also two types of physical purity – in the first, the body is purified from outside. Applying mud, cloves, triphala, neem, etc., and bathing with pure water, purifies the skin and organs. In order to purify the inner organs of the second body, there are many remedies mentioned in yoga – such as conch bleaching, neti, nauli, dhoti, kunjal, gajkarani, ganesh kriya, organ operation, etc.

3. During normal bathing, the body should be bathed lightly with very thick towels so that the dirt of the body is answered properly. After bathing, body should be wiped with dry cloth and washed clothes should be worn. In this way, the body remains healthy and healthy.

4. Taking hot water on the head and taking a bath is harmful to the eyes, but cold water is beneficial. Water should be used according to the weather, it does not mean that in the cold, we should bathe with very hot water. Bathing with warm water first stimulates blood circulation, but later slows down, but after bathing with cold water, blood circulation first slows down and later it gets stimulated which is beneficial. The patient or the weak person should not bathe in hot water too. Those who are cold in nature, who suffer from cold water, should only bathe with less hot water. Bath should not be taken after meals.

Benefits of Yoga Bath:

1. It strengthens muscles.
2. Vision is sharp. The five senses are strengthened.
3. Facial wrinkles disappear. This helps to cleanse the skin and clean the blood.
4. Sleeps soundly and deeply.
5. The body color glows like gold by generating strength in the body.
6. Blood circulation runs smoothly through yoga massage and bathing.
7. It also relieves tension and depression.
8. All body pains disappear. It reduces stress, fatigue and pain.
9. Beneficial in cervical spondylitis like lores.
10. Panchakarma cleanses the inside of the body and all diseases disappear.
11. Taking bath by cold or cold water has great benefit in diseases like eczema, swollen, epilepsy, mania, metallurgy, hysteria, unconsciousness and blood-bile.
12. Bathing brings purity. It is age-enhancing, strength-enhancing and fastening.
13. It ends all types of irritation and itching.
14. After bathing, man’s stomach is strong and hunger is also good.

Air consumption will increase oxygen level

Yoga Massage: Massage it gently by applying light cream or oil on the face. In the same way, massage the fingers and hands of the hands and feet, head, feet, shoulders, ears, calves, thighs, back and abdomen. Thoroughly press all the organs of the body lightly, so that the stagnant energy is released and reaches the muscles of those organs and blood is reabsorbed. Although yoga is done in a more elaborate way, the whole body is massaged in a manner of friction, punishing, patting, vibration and sandhi transmission.

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