30 minutes of meditation will change your brain

30 minutes of meditation will change your brain

The practice of meditation has increased in the world. By meditating your memory increases, the mind remains calm and many types of mental diseases are also treated. There have been many types of research around the world on meditation. Research conducted a few years ago has brought forth new facts.
The mental and physical importance and usefulness of meditation has been highlighted in every research, but a recent research conducted by former University of Pennsylvania researchers has considered the development of personality through meditation and yoga. (30 minutes of meditation)

In this research, researchers have discovered how meditation can focus the brain in three phases. At the same time, the brain can be made active at every point while being active. During this research, participants were kept in a meditative state of 30 minutes for a month. After one month their brain function was measured and their mental activity was monitored.
As a result of this research, there were many positive changes in the brain and behavior of these participants. The detailed findings of this research have been published in the journal Cognitive, Effects and Behavioral Neuroscience.

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