5 surefire ways to increase immunity Coronavirus Time

5 surefire ways to increase immunity -Increasing immunity is of particular importance to avoid the epidemic called coronavirus. Many people take many remedies for this. The coronavirus is indeed deadly, but thousands of people infected with it have also recovered. If you have stopped meeting people and going to a crowded area, then this is the biggest defense. Apart from this, you can also try 5 remedies and increase your immune power and avoid coronavirus.

5 surefire ways to increase immunity Coronavirus Time

1. Fasting: A full day fast or fast increases our immunity by taking out the germs and toxins inside us. If you are not old then you should take coconut water during this time and take a hair hard. Bal Harad is not to be eaten but to be sucked. It will excrete toxins in your body.

2. Good food: Follow a completely vegetarian lifestyle and have a meal before sunset. Eating before sunset keeps the digestive system fine. At the start of the night, the process of staleness and contamination in food starts. Good food gives us protection and guarantees to fight germs. Take Tulsi juice, Trikuta Kara, Muladi along with food.

Make full use of Kundru, Kozhiyari Bhaji, Chaulai ka Saag, Khumba, Gongura, Bathua, Jimikand, Parsley, Fresh Green Garlic, Banana Vegetable, Methi, Spinach, Coriander etc. Also, use black pepper, lemon, black salt, ginger, celery, fenugreek seeds.

Air consumption will increase oxygen level

Apart from this, milk, curd, ghee, butter, honey, mulberry, green leafy vegetables, coconut, mishri, kheer, panchayat, bhat, etc. are covered under sattvic food. This food should be juicy, slightly greasy and nutritious. This includes Anna, milk, butter, ghee, whey, curd, green leafy vegetables, fruit-nuts, etc.

Along with this, liquids like lemon, orange and sugar syrup, lassi are very beneficial. Eating this type of food also strengthens the immune system. If you eat food obtained directly from nature then it will be very good.

3. Massage: Massage the body in the manner of friction, compression, patting, vibration and joint transmission. This makes meat muscles stronger. Blood circulation goes smoothly. It also relieves stress, depression. The body becomes radiant. If blood circulation in the body is smooth, then there will be no disease or disease of any kind.

4. Pranayama: If you add analog-antonym pranayama to it while doing organ movements or Surya Namaskar, it will purify your inner organs and subtle nerves in a way. While Pranayama helps in digesting food, it increases immunity by taking out the toxins of the body.

The sages of ancient Ayurveda say that forests give life to Vayu, Vayu. If you do not have good trees (not plants) around your house then plant them. To purify the air of the body, incorporate Pranayama into your regular lifestyle. This will increase the oxygen level of the body.

5. Intake of pure air and water:

Wake up in the morning and go to the Mornik walk. Many people walk on foot for 1 hour in the morning. Walking is most beneficial for health. A hundred medicines rotated one. Doctors say that those who are increasing their stamina by walking regularly do not have much or a fatal effect on the epidemic. You can also walk for at least half an hour in your house or on the terrace.

Tell us that getting good sleep and living a relaxed life also increases immunity power. Insomnia begins to decrease with insomnia, fear, fear, or stress.

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