7 ways to avoid corona yoga Covid 19

Covid 19:7 ways to avoid corona yoga

7 ways to avoid corona yoga -The best way to avoid the coronavirus epidemic is to apply a good mask, wash your hands frequently, keep you two yards away and increase your immune system. If you do not do this, then all measures are in vain. Here are some of the yoga activities that can be done to prevent infection like a corona. This article is for people who have not had a corona. The following yoga should do on the advice of a doctor.

Kriyas are very important in yoga. Dirt or phlegm deposited in the body can be removed by performing these actions and by doing these, the body becomes healthy and strong. However, a qualified yoga teacher is required to do them. These actions should not be done at home with the mind.

It has seven verbs – 1. Jal Neti, 2. Soot Neti, 3. Kapal Neti, 4. Badhi Kriya, 5. Dhoti Kriya, 6. Basti, 7. Shankh ablution. (7 ways to avoid corona yoga)

1. Soot neti:

Take a thick but soft thread which is twelve inches in length and which can easily go into the nasal cavity. Soak it in lukewarm water and put one end of it in the nasal cavity and take it out of the mouth. Do this process very patiently. Then hold the cord of the mouth and nose and slowly pull it up and down two or four times. Similarly, it should do with the other nose piercing. One day should perform this neti kriya.

2. Jal Neti: Drink very slowly water from both nostrils. It would be easier to drink water from the nose if there is a tubular vessel than a glass. If not, first fill a glass of water, then bend the nose in the water and slowly let the water in. Do not draw water from the nose. By doing this you will experience some problems. After cleaning the throat, you can drink water from the nose.
3. Kapal Neti: Remove from the nose slowly by drinking water from the mouth.

Benefits of Neti Kriya:

1. It increases eyesight.
2. By practicing this action, the nasal passages are cleaned.
3. It does not cause any diseases of ear, nose, teeth, throat etc.
5. By doing this, there are no complaints of cold, cold and cough.
6. By doing this action, the heaviness of the mind is removed, due to which the mind remains calm, light and healthy.
7. Neti Kriya is mainly used for cleaning the components of respiratory institution. Doing this also makes it easier to do pranayama.
Caution: The cotton is boiled in hot water before putting it in the nose, so that no bacteria remains. Any type of problem in nose, throat, ears, teeth, mouth or mind should be done under the guidance of Neti Kriya Yogacharya. Kapalbhati should be done after doing this.

4. Bandhi Kriya:

Animals like tiger etc. get health benefits from similar action when they are unwell, hence its name is Badhi Kriya.

Method: When half the digestive process is done after two hours of eating, put two fingers in the throat and vomit (vomit) from which the half-baked food comes out – this is the action.

You can also do this. Drink five to six glasses of lukewarm water. A little salt can add to the water. After this, stand with both hands on the thigh and lean forward slightly. Perform Nauli Kriya by applying Uddiyana Bandha. Drain the lukewarm water completely through vomit. You can start the vomiting process by putting two fingers around the neck.
Caution: Seek the advice of a qualified yoga practitioner to perform the Baadi Kriya. If there is any type of physical disease, then this action should not be done. By no means should any force or actions be forced.

5. Dhoti Kriya:

This is done in many ways, it is a little difficult to wear clothes out of it, but it brings out the entire phlegm.

Method: Taking thin cotton cloth in the stomach through the mouth and then slowly taking it out carefully is a robbery process.

Caution: It should learn under the direct direction of the proficient Guru of Hatha Yoga. Do this activity only after learning from a qualified yoga teacher. Do not do it with your mind Some people drink water mixed with lemon and candle salt and also take out the dirt of the body by doing the Baadi Kriya i.e. vomit action. It gets bacteria out.

Benefits of these: It removes all the types of dirt, phlegm, etc. of the stomach along with that half-grain. As a result, stomach related complaints are eliminated, as well as a lot of benefits in Kaphajanya diseases. Wisdom becomes brighter with the said action and there is always elation in the body. By this, 100 percent benefit of yoga is obtained. Excess of bile is eliminated by this action. It clears the alimentary canal and completely removes phlegm.

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6. Basti- To do yoga according to yoga, it is necessary to practice Ganeshkriya first. In Ganesakriya, he rubs oil in his middle finger and inserts it in the anus-passage and rotate it repeatedly. This removes the dirt of the anus passage and also practices anal shrinkage and dilation.

When this exercise is done, then standing in the water up to the waist in a body or tub, bend the knee slightly forward and place both hands firmly on the knees and then draw the water upwards through the anal passage. When water is filled in the intestine and stomach, remove the entire water from the anal passage again by rotating the stomach slightly here and there.

7. Conch Dispenser -(7 ways to avoid corona yoga)

Some people do conch washings or ablutions in its place. In the morning, after retirement, after drinking two or three glasses of lukewarm water, practice Vakarasana, Sarpanasana, Katichkrasan, Antakarshi, Uddiyan and Nauli This automatically causes defecation. On coming from defecation, water again, in the same way, Go to the toilet by practicing the said Asanadikas.

In this way, after drinking water, asanadi and go to the toilet seven to eight times in the end, as the water comes out in the end, the same way when the water comes out cleanly, then the stomach is completely washed away. . After this, after taking some rest, eating khichdi, ghee, light, and resting for the whole day. From the second day on, continue doing all the work. This action needs to do once in two-three months.

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Hidayat- This action should do under the direction of a knowledgeable person. With this practice, the dirt accumulated in the intestines is remove. The special advantage is that all diseases of the penis and anus etc. are completely eradicating. Many people manage to work with anima instead.

Along with the above, you should do Anulom-Antonym Pranayam and also do Makarasana Yoga. Do all of the above yoga by learning well under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

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