Adopting yoga defecation does not cause serious disease in any way

Adopting yoga defecation does not cause serious disease in any way

Adopting yoga defecation –The first ‘defecation’ is mentioned under the appendages of ‘Niyam’, the second part of yoga. Due to the absence of defecation, the body and mind become afflicted with disease and bereavement and the person reaches near death. Defecation refers to the external and internal purification and purity of body and mind. Poop also means taking out the malaise. A person’s body becomes sick and his mind becomes clean with the exit of filth. Let’s know what defecation is and how it is done.

There are two types of purity – outer and inner. Every battle of life can be won only by external and internal defecation.

1. External purity: There are also two types of external or physical purity: –

A. In the first, the body is purified from the outside. Taking mud, boiled, Triphala, neem, etc., and bathing with pure water purifies the skin and organs.

B. In order to purify the inner organs of the second body, yoga has given many remedies – such as conch bleaching, neti, nauli, dhoti, triba, gajkarani, Ganesha Kriya, Surya Namaskar, organ operation, etc.

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2. Inner: There are two ways to attain inner or mental purity: –

A. First by understanding the thoughts and thoughts of the mind. Like- understanding of work, anger, greed, fascination, ego, fear and stay away from them. This messes up our immunity system.

Giving up jealousy, malice, craving, pride, misconception and punch affliction leads to mercy, forgiveness, humility, affection, sweet speech and renunciation. That is, a person remains truthful and honest before himself. This leads to the birth of awareness. The ability to influence thoughts increases.

B. The second method for inner purity is to observe Yama, Pranayama and meditation while keeping abstinence at the dieting-house.

Never done yoga, then learn meditation asana with these easy methods (Adopting yoga defecation)

Basically – defecation means to become clean and pure, then consider half the crisis as cut. Purity is very important in yoga. Cleansing all the pores of the body before Sandhya Vandan is also a toilet.
This is also possible with the practice of Panchakarma.

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