Air consumption will increase oxygen level

Air consumption will increase the oxygen level Coronavirus Time

Air consumption will increase -In order to avoid an epidemic called coronavirus, it is also said to increase immunity power as well as to keep lungs strong and increase the oxygen level. The coronavirus is indeed deadly, but it is also very easy to avoid. Millions of people infected with this have been cured. If you have stopped meeting people and going to a crowded area, then this is the biggest defense. Come, know the yoga tips to increase the oxygen level.

Air Eating: Eating air means eating air. Intentionally ingesting air from the throat into the food pipe. This air will immediately return as Dakar. While swallowing air, the thrust is on the throat and through the food pipe, the air goes back to the stomach and returns again.

Benefits: Air-eating activity purifies and strengthens the food pipe. This also makes the lungs pure and strong.

Caution: Do this activity in pure air and if there is any type of problem in the throat, do not do it.

Other tips: Those who are having difficulty in breathing or the lungs are not working properly, then sleep on the bed or on the ground on the ground with the advice of a doctor. By doing this, the lungs start functioning fully and the oxygen level is maintained in the body.

If you wish, you can do Bhastrika Pranayama too:

Bhastrika literally means a blower, which means pranayama in which, like a blacksmith’s blower, he swiftly moves the pure life inside and throws out impure air. Sitting in Siddhasana or Sukhasana, keep the body and mind stable while keeping the waist, neck and spine straight. Close your eyes. Then inhale at high speed and exhale at high speed. The stomach should be swollen while breathing and the stomach should be suppressed while exhaling. This puts pressure on the navel site. This Pranayama can be done in only 30 seconds by learning it well.

Benefits: The body gets an excessive amount of pranavaya from Bhastrika Pranayama, due to which removes the contaminants from all the organs of the body and makes the lungs strong. It has many benefits.

Caution: Before performing Bhastrika Pranayama, clean the nose completely. Bhrstrika Pranayam should be done in the morning in the open and clear air. This pranayama should not be done more than capacity. Do this pranayama only once a day. If anyone has any disease, do this by asking the Pranayam Yoga teacher.

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