Covid 19: meditation Only 10 minutes of , know what will be the effect

Covid 19: meditation -Doctors say that fear affects your immunity. That is why it is said that meditation develops immunity in the body. Meditation does not cause stress. There is also no nervousness, fear and many types of disorders in the heart. Meditation keeps the mind and brain calm.
It is very important to meditate during the Koreana crisis and lockdown.

1. Disease is called physical illness and mourning is all kinds of mental suffering. Both have their origin in the mind, brain and any part of the body. Meditation makes that part healthy. Meditation fills the mind and brain with plenty of energy and positivity. The body also gets situated and starts gaining the ability to fight disease. Anxiety and contemplation will eradicate diseases.
2. In case of any kind of suffering due to improvement in breathing by meditation, we do not worry more than necessary. Our emotions are governed by breathlessness. Emotions are also controlled due to correct breathing. All kinds of fear will go away with meditation. Work and behavior will improve. Love will be in place of tension in relationships. The outlook will be positive. (Covid 19: meditation)

3. Hypertension is controlled by meditation. Headache is relieved. Immunity develops in the body, which is important in fighting any type of disease. Meditation increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.
4. Meditate only for 10 minutes every day for three months. There will be changes in your brain and you will take any problem in a positive way than before. Meditation has the ability to eradicate grief by stopping every kind of disease in just three months.

5. To meditate, first of all retire from bath etc. and sit on Kush posture with eyes closed in pleasure. All you have to do is close your eyes for 10 minutes. During this, do not move the body. During this time one has to keep looking at the darkness in front of the eyes and feel the movement of breaths. During this time many thoughts will come and go within you. Look at them consciously that one thought came and went and then another thought came. Just do it. Just watch the mental commotion. If we concentrate on the speed of breathing ie leaving and taking, then the mental movement will stop. Just do it.

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