Do these 3 Yogasanas at home in the era of Kovid-19 epidemic, will remain fit

the era of Kovid-19 epidemic -Kovid-19 has to stay at home during the coronavirus phase. Many people work from home. In such a situation, neither walking, running, walking or exercising in the gym is not possible, on the one hand, where obesity is increasing, belly is coming out, on the other hand, you can come in the grip of many diseases. In such a situation, you can keep yourself fit by staying at home by doing very simple yogasanas.

Do these 3 Yogasanas at home in the era of Kovid-19 epidemic

1. Surya Namaskar: If you keep doing good yoga at home, then you will be healthy and your weight will not increase. In yoga, you do 12 steps of Suryanamaskar 12 times and the second is to do anulom inverse pranayam for at least 5 minutes. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to perform the above-mentioned action. You do not know how beneficial it will be for you. If you cannot do this, do the following postures. But if you are a diabetic patient, definitely do.

2. Mandukasana: It is a very good posture for diabetes patients. However, Kurmasana can also be done. This asana is beneficial in reducing diabetes by activating the pancreas. Because by practicing this, there is good abdominal exercise. Gastritis is illuminated and stomach diseases like gas, indigestion and constipation also disappear.

Method: First of all while sitting in Dandasana, sit in Vajrasana and then close the fist of both hands. While closing the fist, press the thumb inside with the fingers. Then apply both the fists on both sides of the navel while exhaling and keep the chin on the ground while bowing in front. After staying in this position for a while, you come back to Vajrasana. After doing Mukukasana, do Ustrasana.

3. Anjaneyasan: The Sanskrit word Anjaneya means salutation or eulogy. Anjaneya is also the name of Hanuman ji. In English nowadays it is called Salutation Pose. This asana is done in the same way as Hanumanji rests his knee on one knee with the other foot forward and rests his hand on the waist.

Anjaneya posture also includes other postures and postures. It provides benefits to the chest, palms, neck and waist. Practicing it regularly increases concentration and balance in life.

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Method: First sit comfortably in Vajrasana. Slowly stand on your knees and keep the back, neck, head, hips and thighs straight. Keep your hands at the waist and look in front. Now, while extending the left leg, keep it at the same angle of 90 degrees. During this, the left hand will remain on the thigh of the left leg.

Then keep the palms of your hands close to the heart, that is, in the namaskar mudra. Pulling the breath in, raise the linked palms above the head and tilt the head back while straightening the hands. In this position, slowly straighten the right leg backwards and bend back from the waist. Stayed in this last position for a while. Then, exhaling again, returned to the posture of Vajrasana. Likewise, now do the same procedure by keeping the right foot at a 90-degree angle.

Note: If there is any serious problem with the stomach and feet, do this asana only on the advice of the Yoga teacher. The last step of this asana can be for one minute and can be done twice. (era of Kovid-19 epidemic)

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