Do this yoga to increase lung function and oxygen level.

Perform this yoga to increase lung function and oxygen levels during the Kovid-19 era.

lung function and oxygen level – Coronavirus infection weakens the lungs. In this era, where it is necessary to increase immunity power, it is also important to keep the lungs safe and strong and the most important is to increase the oxygen level inside the body. When the oxygen level is low, the quickest and worst effect is on our immunity. In this situation, any virus and bacteria can quickly dominate our body. That is why we have brought for you such yoga which not only enhances the efficiency of the lungs, it also keeps them safe and strong.

Yoga is practiced in organ movements before the onset of asanas. A limb operation is the ‘full arm strength developmental action’ in the course of organ movements. People who have difficulty in performing difficult asanas can get the benefits of asanas and pranayama together with this practice.

Method of full-arm strength developer Kriya Yoga:

First of all, stand in a careful posture. Now mix the feet of both the legs together. Then keep the arms straight, shoulders pulled back and chest stretched. After this, tie the fist with the thumb of the right hand and keeping the fingers out. Then keep the soles of the left hand close to the thigh. Inhale, bring the right arm in front of the shoulders.

After that, while inhaling, bring the arm above the head. Now exhale and bring the right palm down from behind the shoulders. In this way, a cycle will be complete. Now with the right hand, run the circular like 10 times in a row. After that, make a fist with your left hand and drive it round 10 times.

Finally, slowly normalize breathing. After breathing is normal, make a fist of both hands and move it 10 times round. Move from front to back. Maintain concentration and balance of breath during this time. Just as the hands rotate circularly in one direction, similarly the hands should rotate circularly in the opposite direction. This also leads to reverse yoga operation, which is necessary.
Caution: Be aware of breathing during yoga operations. Complete one cycle in one breath. Keep the arm straight. Keep the body dilated. If there is already any problem in the lungs or shoulders, then do this asana by asking a yoga teacher.

Benefits of: (lung function and oxygen level)

1. By doing this limb operation yoga and development of life force. Pranashakti means oxygen level increases.
2. Deep breathing and exhalation increases lung function. Due to this, the level of vital energy increases.
3. Due to increase in the level of life and strengthening of lungs, a person remains fit throughout the day.
4. Its regular practice strengthens the muscles of the arms and removes the stiffness of the shoulders.
5. With its regular practice, it starts transmitting pranashakti to all the organs of the body.

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