How can you fight against corona with mental fortitude?

How can you fight against corona with mental fortitude?


corona with mental fortitude –It is very important to have the power of the mind in battle with Korana. There are many people who met Korana Marij and still did not have Corona. There are also many people who developed corona and are cured in 4 days or 7 days. This is all a game of the mind, but how can you think this can happen, then know how mental fortitude can be achieved.

1. Fear and Anxiety: Doctors believe that your immunity system is disturbed by fear and anxiety. In the Corona era, the most important is to increase immunity power. If you are surrounded by fear and anxiety, then there is no use in taking an immunity booster. Stress suppresses your (inner) strength and the voice of the soul. To understand it and stay away from it. Use the mind to entertain and communicate in relationships, watch TV, or play games.

2. Meditation and Pranayam: There are two simple ways to increase the power of the mind, the first is to do regular pranayama and meditation. By meditating, our lost energy starts to accumulate again and at the same time, there is an accumulation of extra energy which helps us to fight against all kinds of diseases and bereavement. Meditation keeps control over our thoughts, while Pranayam increases our level of oxygen and oxygen in the brain. Whenever fear or anxiety comes into your mind, leave it with a long breath. Do this 10 times. If there is any type of mental disease, it will disappear, such as anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, depression, bereavement, suspicious tendency, negativity, duality or confusion, etc.

You will never have a serious disease, if you have adopted these 10 rules, then you bet

3. Fearlessness: It is stated in the Gita. Neither birth is in your hands nor death. Neither the past is in your hands nor the future. Just this life and this present are in your hands. Therefore, do not grieve by birth and past and do not worry about death and the future. Be fearless and just act. Do good work. Your karma is your future. Leave everything to God

4. Thinking: Man is afraid of thinking and diseased only by thinking. Do not think so much that thinking gets lost and just worrying. Worry is similar to the pyre. Think but not worry about the solution. A sensible person thinks about the solution and not about the problem.

5. Sleep and Workout: Sleep and exercise not only provide strength to your mind and mind but also develop immunity power. Our sleep is the biggest doctor. A man surrounded by anxiety and fear reduces sleep. So whenever you get a chance to sleep, you will definitely fall asleep even if you take a nap. The nap has the ability not to be in 8 hours of sleep.

6. Understand the coronavirus: (corona with mental fortitude)

* Understand the coronavirus. It is not a very big disease. Whatever has happened has been cured.
* In our country, the number of people dying from this disease is very less in percentage.
* Those who have started their treatment by getting them tested without any fear, are cured soon.

7. Be mentally strong: Our mind and our mind i.e. intellect and mind, if it has accepted that I am sick then you will not be sick, yet you will become sick because the mind has to do the work that the mind accepts. The mind is a part of the body and the mind is a part of your astral body. You are able to move the thumb only when the mind commands the brainstem. Mana’s losers are losers and Mana’s wins are victories. Therefore, understand the power of the mind.

8 Yogasana: The body of Yogasana is flexible and soft. It does not require extra food and has the ability to ward off all kinds of bereavement and disease. If following the dietary rule, you keep doing yoga asanas with Surya Namaskar continuously, then after 4 months, your body will become very flexible and healthy. You will always feel refreshed and young. The regular practice of yogasanas helps to strengthen the spinal cord, which relaxes the veins and arteries. All parts of the bodywork smoothly. This is the initial stage of strengthening the brain.

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