Jalandhar Bandh has the power to cut even the death trap

Jalandhar Bandh -Bandha literally means ‘knot’, bandhan or lock. With this practice, life is tied to one part of the body. With its practice, the yogi successfully controls life and takes a little control, that is, disease and death. Bandha, Pranayama and Mudra three are practiced simultaneously.

The six major bandhas are as follows- 1.Mulabandha 2.Uddiyanbandha 3.Jalandhar Bandha 4.Bandhatraya, 5.Mahabandha and 6.Mahavedha. There are five currencies for the above five bandha – 1. Yoga currency, 2. Antitransition currency, 3. Khechari currency, 4. Vajroli currency, 5. Shakti driving currency and 6. Yoni mudra. Here is the information about the bond.

 Jalandhar Bandh:


It is also called Chin Bandh. It is said that this bandh also has the power to cut the death trap, because it keeps the blood circulation in the brain, heart and spinal cord running smoothly.

Method: Do Kumbhak by supplementing sitting on any Sukhasana (pull the breath in) and press the chin with the chest. It is called Jalandhar Bandha. That is, Jalandhar Bandha is the name of shrinking the throat and firming the chin in the heart.

Benefits of this: Through the practice of Jalandhar, the transmission of life is done properly. The Eda and the Pingala pulse are closed and enter the life of the Sushunma. Due to this, activity increases in both parts of the brain. This causes the blood circulation in the neck muscles, which makes them firm.

The interruption of the throat comes to an end. Due to stretch in the spinal cord, blood circulation increases rapidly it. This also increases the oxygen level ie oxygen level. It strengthens the lungs. Due to this, all diseases are cured and the person always remains healthy.

Caution: Initially, Jalandhar Bandh should be done by inhaling naturally. Do not apply if there is any kind of soreness in the throat. and Do not apply Jalandhar by inhaling out of power. Do not apply even if you have shortness of breath or cold-cold. It should be done by learning well from the Yoga teacher.

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