Never done yoga, then learn meditation asana with these easy methods

Never done yoga, then learn meditation asana with these easy methods

meditation asana –You have never done the meditation and the asana under yoga which are presented here, there are some easy ways through which you will be able to learn yoga.

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Organ operation: Do this at the beginning of yoga asanas. How do warm-ups before a workout, in the same way, before the yoga asanas, the limbs are operated? For this, you rotate your neck, wrists, toes, and waist clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Meditation: When we sit with our eyes closed, there is often a complaint that thoughts of the era come at the same time. Thoughts of the past or future plans, fantasies, etc. all flicker around the brain like flies. How to get rid of it? It is believed that meditation cannot occur as long as there is an idea. You just have to sit with your eyes closed and watch the movement of these thoughts.

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To meditate, in the beginning, you just focus on your breathing speed and mental movements. Focus on the speed of breathing, ie, dropping and taking. During this time, you should also pay attention to your mental movements as if a thought or thought came and went and then another thought came and went. You just look and understand why I am thinking in vain?

You can also pay attention from outside, notice that among the many voices outside, there is a voice that continues continuously – like the sound of the plane sound, the sound like the sound of froth or as someone is doing Pronouncing ॐ. That is the sound of silence. Similarly, the voice continues inside the body. pay attention. Try listening and seeing the darkness in front of closed eyes. If you keep doing this, then slowly silence will occur.

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