Perfect yoga to remove forehead folds

Perfect yoga to remove forehead folds –With age, the body starts spreading and wrinkles also appear on the face. Lines also appear on the skin on the forehead, which is also called visible folds on the skin. Looking at the wrinkles on the forehead, it seems that we are moving towards middle age or old age. In such a situation,

know how to remove forehead wrinkles with yoga.


1. Keep the face and forehead relaxed.

Apart from this, even while looking for or reading a book, they make wrinkles on the forehead. Sometimes it is unnecessary. By doing this repeatedly, these wrinkles become permanent. In such a situation, keep in mind that if I am doing any kind of action, then whether there is tension on my face. If it feels like this, then immediately relax.
2. Pranayama:

For this, first, you have to get used to Anulom Vilom, then after that do Bhrastika and Kapalbhati Pranayama. This increases the oxygen level in the body which is necessary for refreshing and refreshing our body.

3. Do Brahma Mudra:

The neck, face, and eyes are exercised by Brahma Mudra, due to which the wrinkles of the face also get erased. Brahma Mudra will bring flexibility to the neck and the accumulated fat around the neck will also be removed. Now keeping the neck fixed, move the eyes right-left, up-down, then in a circular motion from right to left, then from left to right. This will keep the eyes healthy and beautiful.

4. Perform black mudra:

stick out your tongue at your convenience. You must have seen the photo of Maa Kalika, just stay in the same posture for 30 seconds. Due to this, the water and toxins stored in your eyes come out or reach inside the stomach. This makes the eyes feel healthy and feel good. Along with removing the wrinkles on the forehead, it also removes the wrinkles formed under the eyes.

3. Make the face fish-like:

Make the face fish-like by squeezing the cheeks inside. You can call it Smile Fish Face Yoga. Then tie the fists of the hands and lift them up to the face and close both the eyes tightly and pinch them inside. This removes the wrinkles lying on the brain.
4. Lion Mudra:

By making a face like a lion, all the muscles of the face get operated and become healthy. First, take out the tongue with full force and then stretch the eyes. Just like a lion. Now inflate the mouthpiece, that is, fill the air in the mouth and rotate it left and right.

5. Kiss shape:

Draw a shape like taking a kiss and repeat the same process over and over again. Then he laughed with his neck held high.
6. Buddha Face:

At last, close the eyes and sit in the posture of relaxation and meditate between the two eyes. Sit quietly like this for some time.

7. Diet:

Take proper water intake, including fresh fruit juices, curd buttermilk, mango Panna, tamarind’s sour-sweet jaljeera, bael’s sherbet, etc. liquids in your diet. Avoid spicy or oily foods while consuming plenty of cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, orange, vine and mint.
8. Massage:

After this, massage with olive or mustard oil anytime. This strengthens the muscles. Vision sharpens. Happiness comes. Blood circulation goes smoothly through massage. (remove forehead folds)

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