Sleeping foot operation: belly will disappear and food will start to be digested

Sleeping foot operation – Due to modern lifestyle, obesity has become a global problem. Anyway, most of the people are going through this problem due to the lockdown. The digestive system has become weak due to constipation, dyspepsia or excessive eating and drinking and due to which the immune system has also become weak. The weakening of the immune system can lead to many diseases. In such a situation, do the simplest yoga posture, ‘sleeping foot operation’ and get rid of this problem in just 60 days.

What is Sleeping foot operation?

Operation of the legs in a lying position is the sleeping foot operation posture. It is just like when a child is lying down and riding a bicycle. This asana can be done in two ways. The first method is very simple and the second method is step by step.

Method 1: Lie down on the ground on your back. Hands near thighs. Legs met. Now practice cycling with hands and feet by slowly lifting the legs and arms together. If you get tired, take rest in the shavasana for some time and do this process again according to your convenience.

Step by Step: (Sleeping foot operation)

1. Lie down on your back by laying a yoga mat on the ground. Hands near thighs. Legs met.

2. Keeping the left leg straight from the knee while inhaling, lift it up from the thigh joint and bring it down while inhaling. Repeat the same action with the right leg. Repeat the frequency 10 times. When done, come back to the starting position. Take some rest.

3. While inhaling, raise both the legs and while inhaling bring the legs down. Do the process 5 times. After completing the frequency, take a short rest and come to the starting position.

4. While inhaling, raise the legs as per the capacity. this inhaling, move the right foot to the right and the left foot to the left. While inhaling bring it to the middle. Repeat this process 5 times with rhythm.

5. When the repetition is complete, keep the legs up in the middle and now take one leg forward and one leg back. Do this process 5 times dynamically. When the frequency is complete, slowly bring the legs down and relax.

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6. Come to the starting position. Take a breath Raise the feet at 45 degrees from the ground. While inhaling, make a distance in the feet as per the capacity.

7. Inhale. While inhaling, rotate both the legs on their own axis, move the left foot to the left and the right foot to the right simultaneously in a circular motion. Do three times, then rotate three times in the opposite order. When the frequency is complete, bring the feet closer and while inhaling slowly bring them to the ground. Come to the starting position after taking a short rest.

8. After coming to the starting position, lift the left leg at 45 degrees from the ground and bring it down. Do not let the heel touch the ground. Simultaneously lift the right leg and while bringing it down, lift the left leg. Do 5 to 10 repetitions of this action in a rhythmic manner. After completion, take a short rest by bringing the feet down.

9. Come to the starting position. Keeping the left leg bent at the knee, hold the claw and touch the thumb with the nostril. Make sure that the neck does not lift off the ground. Slowly lower the leg and do the process with the right leg, after completing the frequency, lower the leg. Take some rest. Now while bending both the legs at the knee, hold the right paw with the right hand, the left paw with the left hand.

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10. The knee will remain outside the body. Take a breath While inhaling, try to touch the thumbs of both the toes with the nostrils. After stopping for a few moments in the final position, rest the feet on the ground. veg out.

11. Create the starting position. While inhaling, raise both the legs together in the air 4-6 inches above the ground. Stop with normal breathing as per capacity. Slowly bring the feet down. Take some rest.

12. Come to the starting position. Lift the arms and legs and move them like cycling while lying down. After running 5 times in one direction, repeat the same action 5 times in the other direction. When complete, relax by bringing the hands and feet down.

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13. Lie down in the starting position. While inhaling, raise both the legs up. Keep both the feet together and simultaneously rotate them to the left. When 3 rounds are completed, repeat the action 3 more times from the right side. When the frequency is complete, bring the legs down and relax.

14. Pay special attention to the rhythmicity during the operations. Do not do any kind of force on the body. Do not lift the neck and do not jerk while bringing the leg back. As far as you can go according to your ability, that is your final position.

Benefits of Asana: By regular practice of this asana, obesity will be removed and diseases related to the digestive system will be removed. This asana will also prove beneficial in curing diabetes. This will remove the belly and your stomach will be in the previous position. This will strengthen the abdominal muscles and strengthen the weak intestines.

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