You will never have a serious disease

You will never have a serious disease, if you have adopted these 10 rules, then you bet

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You will never have a serious disease, if you have adopted these 10 rules, then you bet

You will never have a serious disease -If you have adopted the following 10 rules, then surely you will never have any serious disease and you will remain healthy throughout your life, but before that you will have to follow 3 conditions. Just follow these 3 conditions as you have to lose to get something.

Three terms

1. Castable beverages: Tea, coffee, cold drinks and similar beverages should be discarded for life.

2. Dischargeable food items: Similarly, discard meat, sugar, oil, salt, maida, arrowroot, wheat and gram flour, brinjal, jackfruit and things made from it. Use natural sugar, take Sandha salt. So Use of oil manufactured naturally in oil. Use jowar, millet, joe and maize instead of wheat.
3. Castaway lifestyle: Change your old lifestyle. Such as sleeping late at night and sleeping till late in the morning. Watching TV while drinking food, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes etc.

Ten rules

1. Intermittent Fasting: Fast 16 hours. There is no food for 16 hours after dinner and drink nothing except water. For example, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. During this time, you can eat whatever you want, after that start the fast which breaks the next day at 10 in the morning. You can choose from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm or 12:00 to 8:00 pm.
2. Beverages: Drink one glass of sweet soda with lemon juice once a week. Also, watching the weather, drink the juice of mulberry, vine, neem and other fruits.

3. Surya Namaskar: If you cannot do Yogasan daily, then make Surya Namaskar a part of your lifestyle. If you cannot do this, then make a rule to roam in the sun for at least half an hour in the morning.

4. Food: Use yogurt, salad, pomegranate, green leafy vegetables, garlic, beans, fruit and dry food in your food. Water should be drunk at least one hour after eating food. Water should not be drunk even during meals.

Adopting yoga defecation does not cause serious disease in any way

5. Sunburn: By standing for a while in the morning every morning, the possibility of getting all kinds of nutrients and vitamins is increased.

6. Consumption of Tulsi: 4 leaves of basil should be consumed daily. There are many other similar leaves that are beneficial for health, such as curry leaves or neem leaves.
7. Utensils: Eating brass utensils and drinking water in returned copper gives many health benefits. Similarly, it should also be seen in which utensils are being cooked and from whom.

8. Pure Air: Just as the body needs pure food and water, the body also needs pure air, but this is not possible due to air pollution in present times. In such a situation, apply mask and avoid pollution as much as you can. Also, do pranayam in the morning. Pranayama increases the capacity of our lungs. If your lungs are active and strong then you will also gain the ability to live longer.

Covid 19: meditation Only 10 minutes of , know what will be the effect

9. Stress: Do all the above but if there is depression, tension and similar mental disorders in life then all is meaningless because your stress will make you physically sick. Therefore, to overcome this, you should meditate for at least 10 minutes. You can do this when you do Surya Namaskar. Don’t worry about the problem, think about the solution.

10. Vastu: Planets or constellations may or may not have an impact in life, but the environment of the place where you are living does have an effect. There are many houses that cool in summer and heat in winter. If you have a habit of staying in AC, it will make you weak. Secondly, what kind of trees are there inside or outside the house and definitely check the condition and direction of the house.

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